Review: Crayola Signature Markers, Colored Pencils, Gel Pens and Coloring Book

Have you heard of the Crayola Signature collection? When I heard about it I instantly wanted to try it. Crayola was super nice and sent me all of the supplies in the picture below in exchange for an honest review. It was like Christmas when the package came. Seriously. I told my husband over and over again how excited I was. I even went out and bought two more coloring books so my kids could color with me when I was coloring for this review. We have had a fun week coloring at our house. My kids have loved everything.
What Is Crayola Signature?
Crayola Signature is a collection of supplies similar to Crayola Escapes and Aged Up Series made especially for adult coloring. The different sets include; 20 Detailing Gel Pens, 16 Dual Tip Sketch & Detail Markers, 24 or 50 Blend & Shade Colored Pencils, 16 Brush & Detail Dual-Tip Markers, a 40 page Creative Lettering Inspiration Pad, and a Calligraphy Set. I received everything in the above picture to try out.

Each set comes with a beautiful tin. The Gel Pens and Dual Tip Markers fit pretty snug, the colored pencil tin did not. I do not know if it came a little damage and that is why it did not fit. The other two seem to fit fine.
Gel Pen Tin
Dual Tip Marker Tin
Colored Pencil Tin

Inside each tin there are two trays that stack on one another. There are spots in each tray for each supply. The gel pens and markers fit in snug. The pencils do not. The trays are made of a flexible plastic.

Below are some pictures I colored with each set from the coloring book and my review.

Crayola Signature Gel Pens Review and Color List
Did you have Gel Pens when you were young? I did. I threw out my set a couple years ago because they were not working anymore. These Crayola gel pens were hands down better than my other gel pens. Two words: Glitter and Metallic. The effects were amazing! The  gel pens were super pretty and sparkly. This picture does not do them justice. For some reason it is hard to capture glitter on camera. It was my favorite picture I colored. It took the longest and was the hardest on my hand to color, but it turned out beautiful.

The Gel Pens come in Metallic and Glitter. There are 9 Metallic colors and 11 Glitter colors in the package. The Gel Pens come in the same shades with the Metallic colors being lighter. I used both Glitter and Metallic colors in the picture above. I loved the shading effect when I used the glitter and metallic gel pens together.

How did they color? The Glitter Pens were easier to color with. The ink came out easier. I definitely had to apply a fair amount of pressure for both types to color in everything, but less for the Glitter Pens. As it happens fairly often with gel pens, ink does not always come out smoothly. The following tips can be used to help the ink come out better.
  1. Clean tip with Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. Run warm water of the pen
  3. Scribble on another piece of paper.
Even with having to help the ink come out better I LOVED THESE PENS and would highly recommend them. To me they seem to work like a normal gel pen, but the colors are AMAZING.

Color List: Glitter: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, violet, gold, silver, black, Metallic: pink, red, orange, gold, green, sky blue, violet, gray, silver
Crayola Signature Colored Pencils Review and Color List
What is special about these colored pencils? Crayola specially formulated them to color on dark paper. The effect is amazing. It looks like coloring with chalk. The pencil has a smoother and thicker laydown than normal colored pencils. The lead goes quickly. I had to sharpen three of them to complete the picture. But that is a good thing. It means the color comes out very smooth.

It was interesting to note that I could color over other colors with black, but I could not color over black. I loved the effect of these colored pencils on the black paper and will definitely be using these again.

Color List: Mahogany, Raspberry, Ruby Red, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange, Light Orange, Harvest Gold, Mango, Goldenrod, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Yellow Green, Spring Green, Jade Green, Green, Pine Green, Teal, Robin's Egg Blue, Green Blue, Turquoise, Cerulean, Sky Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Violet (Purple), Orchid, Maroon, Mauve, Magenta, Pink, Bubblegum, Salmon, Brown, Light Brown, Peach, Sand, Tan, Bronze Yellow, Dark Brown, Taupe, White, Gray, Cool Gray, Slate, Black
Crayola Signature Dual Tip Markers Review and Color List
The Dual Tip Markers come in 32 colors. I practiced my block lettering, practiced calligraphy skills, and colored a picture. The thin tips were not as thin as a pen, but produced very fine lines. They could also be used to fill in a section, but were a little harder than the other tip. The other tip is a regular Super Tip or Thin Tip marker from Crayola. It can be used to color in sections or think for detail work.

 To make the block letters I used the ultra thin tips. I used both ultra thin and Super Tips for the calligraphy practice. I used a white colored pencil to highlight. It was super fun to learn the techniques and practice. I feel like I could do calligraphy now. I have always done block lettering, but it was very cool to see an official method for it. I loved practicing all the different ways to fill in the letters, add embellishments, and add shadows.

My daughter loved this picture, but there are so many things I could change about it. I usually like to do a test page first to make sure I like all the color combos and such. But I did not do that with this one. I would make the lettering all yellow, and do different colors for the flowers. And maybe use more different colors for the leaves. I did combine colors for this picture. The purple flowers and orange lettering were combos of colors. I think it turned out okay, but feel there are so many things I could have done better.

Color List: black-gray, brown-golden beige, coral reef-melon, raspberry-carnation, magenta-hot pink, primrose-flamingo pink, violet-wild orchid, ultra violet-purple mountain, indigo-battery charged blue, blue-blue lagoon, robin's egg blue-turquoise surf, jungle green-kiwi, green-electric lime, marigold-yellow, tiger orange-orange circuit, brick red-lobster red
What did I think?
I loved all the sets. If I had to pick one I would pick the colored pencils. There is no other colored pencil product in the Crayola line right now that will color the same on black paper. The Gel Pens would be next because they were so pretty. I loved the Dual-Tip markers too. My daughter loved the gel pens the best, my son the markers. He said, "The markers are so much easier to color with." All the supplies have similar color palettes and can be used together to color one page. The coloring book the sets come with gives lots of instructions and examples. It even comes with color pages inside to give examples. There are 4 pages of instruction and many pages to practice the techniques that were taught.

What Would I Change?
I would add another black pages coloring book to the set. I found myself wanting more pages. I would add more colors to the marker set. And I would make the gel pens a little smoother. I would maybe add a pencil sharpener with the colored pencils because I definitely needed one. I would make it so the colored pencils were not as loose in their tray. And I would made the trays out of a harder plastic. One of them was already starting to tear.

All in all I LOVED this set of adult coloring supplies from Crayola. These sets are good for all coloring levels. Advanced colorists and beginning colorists will love them and be able to make some really pretty pictures. If my daughter had not already seen it it would be a perfect Christmas present for her. It is super hard to shop for 7 year old girls. This set would also be a perfect present for anyone that loves adult coloring. Make sure to get the adult coloring book to go with it.

Collecting Information
This line is perfect for collectors. The tins are really nice. The colored pencils are a new type of specialty colored pencil from Crayola. The Gel Pens are also one of the biggest selections of Gel Pens Crayola has ever offered. They have made them in the past, but not with this much variation. I think collectors should definitely picked these sets up.
Box Information: 20 Crayola Signature Detailing Gel Pens, 16 Crayola Signature Dual Tip Sketch & Detail Markers, 50 Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Colored Pencils, a 40 page Crayola Signature Creative Lettering Inspiration Pad
Year: 2017
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola for Review
Where to buy: Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products. I have seen them at Target, and Aamzon
Style Number: 68-2005 (50 Colored Pencils), 58-6503 (Detailing Gel Pens), 58-6511 (Sketch & Detail Dual-Tip Markers), 99-0026 (Creative Pad)
Code Number: 68-2005-0-300 (50 Colored Pencils), 68-2005-0-900, (50 Colored Pencils Tin), 58-6503-0-200 (Detailing Gel Pens), 58-6503-0-900 (Detailing Gel Pens Tin), 58-6511-0-200 (Sketch & Detail Dual-Tip Markers), 58-6511 (Sketch & Detail Dual-Tip Markers Tin), 99-0026-0-960 (Creative Pad)
UPC: 071662320058 (50 Colored Pencils), 071662165031 (Detailing Gel Pens), 071662065119 (Sketch & Detail Dual-Tip Markers Tin), 071662500269 (Creative Pad)
Manufacturing Location: China (Gel Pens and Tins), Brazil (Colored Pencils), Malyasia (Sketch & Detail Dual-Tip Markers)

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The Ultimate Guide to Adult Coloring

Do you like to color? I do, it is so much fun! I am so glad there has been an adult coloring craze the past few years. It is such a relaxing activity and so fun to do. And really adult coloring is not just for adults. It can be for teens and kids too. My daughter has some "adult" coloring books for kids she uses and loves. They have designs and patterns designed for kids in them.

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Staedtler Pens-triplus fineliner

The Staedtler triplus fineliner porous point pens are one of our only sets of Staedtler products. It belongs to my husband. He swears by them. When he draws with them the work is so detailed and colorful. The ink comes out very vibrant and does not bleed through. The case is a hard durable plastic and angles back to hold the pens upright. I would love to get some more of these pens and color with them.

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30 Special Edition Sharpie Permanent Markers

I do not know how this is my very fist Sharpie post EVER because I LOVE sharpies. But it is. This is the 30 Count Sharpie pack. There are 15 Fine Point Permanent Markers and 15 Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers. The colors are included on the back of the box. If you know me you know I love when they include colors. I can not wait to use these markers to color. Sharpie ink is super bright and absorbent. These markers will bleed. It is best to color on top of something perishable or not important because it will be bleed through.

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Crayola Art with Edge Coloring Books and Markers: What's Inside the Box

I am so excited to share with you all the information about the Art With Edge Coloring Books. I received these books and markers from Crayola in exchange for an honest review. Art With Edge includes: coloring books, loose coloring pages, markers and colored pencils. They are aimed at the tween and teen market. There is a lot of variety in the books making them appeal to many different people, super heroes, fantastic beast, zombies, skulls, and fun sayings. My kids (4 and 6) and I really liked the books and had so much fun coloring them. To see our review of the books click here.

Here are the pages I colored from the Say What?, Fantastic Beasts, and Justice League books.

Collecting Information
The markers I was given are black with the Art with Edge Logo on them.
Books& Boxes: 
Markers: 12 Count Crayola Art With Edge Wedge Markers, 20 Count Crayola Art With Edge Thick & Thin Markers
Coloring Books
2016 Art With Edge-Say What?, 2016 Art With Edge-Zombie Daze, 2016 Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls, 2016 Art With Edge-Batman Collection, 2017 Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts, 2016 Art With Edge-Justice League
Other Books & Boxes: 
Art Supplies-16 Color FX Pencils, 8 Glitter Markers
Coloring Books
Art with Edge-Geoscapes Set, Art with Edge-Graffiti, Art with Edge-Naturescapes Set, Art with Edge-Nickelodeon 90's, Art with Edge-Ridiculousness, Art with Edge-Slick Pics Set
What's Inside the Box: Colors not named :( Maybe one day they will name all their markers.
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola Products
Style Numbers: 04-0027 (Bold & Fearless), 04-0027 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 04-0032 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 04-0031 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 04-0025 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 04-0017 (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 04-0026 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 58-8187 (12 Count Markers), 58-7212 (20 Count Markers), 58-8618 (Glitter Markers), 68-1015 (Colored Pencils)
Code Numbers: 04-0027-0-960 (Bold & Fearless), 04-0027-0-960 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 04-0032-0-960 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 04-0031-0-960 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 04-0025-0-960 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 04-0017-0-960 (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 04-0026-0-960 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 58-8187-0-250 (12 Count Markers), 58-7212-0-250 (20 Count Markers), 58-8618-0-250 (Glitter Markers), 68-1016-0-700 (Colored Pencils)
UPC Numbers: 071662100278 (Bold & Fearless), 071662100278 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 071662200329 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 071662300319 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 071662200251 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 071662201173  (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 071662400262 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 071662081874 (12 Count Markers), 071662172121 (20 Count Markers), 071662086183 (Glitter Markers), 071662510169 (Colored Pencils)
IBSN Numbers: 978-0-9967102-5-1 (Bold & Fearless), 978-0-9967102-5-1 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 978-0-9967102-8-2 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 978-0-9967102-7-5 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls)
Manufacturing Location: USA (Coloring Books & 20 Count Markers), Malaysia (12 Count Markers), Brazil (Colored Pencils), China (Glitter Markers)

2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Say What?
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Sugar Skulls

2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Zombie Daze

2017 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Pages-Fantastic Beasts
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Batman
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Justice League
2016 Crayola Art With Edge 12 Count Wedge Markers

2016 Crayola Art With Edge 20 Count Thick & Thin Markers
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Crayola Art With Edge Review

I was so excited to receive the Art With Edge Coloring Books and markers from Crayola in exchange for an honest review.

What is Art With Edge?

Art with Edge is a new line of books/coloring pages geared at the tween and teen audience. There are some really fun and cool books to choose from. There are also sets of markers and colored pencils to go with them. My kids, 4 and 6 even loved them. We colored pages from the books all morning.

Some of the books are actually loose pages covered in plastic. I can see kids or teens being annoyed by the loose pages, but I liked them. My son got a Cars 3 coloring book recently with loose pages. He said, "the people making the book didn't make this right." I like the loose pages because we like to make copies of the pages here to use. We usually all color the same page at the same time. The loose pages made really good copies. It is also easier to remove the loose pages for framing than to remove the pages from the book for framing.

The coloring book/pages come in the following books or coloring pages:
  • Fantastic Beasts (loose pages)
  • Justice League (loose pages)
  • Batman (loose pages)
  • Sugar Skulls book
  • Say What? book
  • Zombie Daze book
Not pictured are: 
  • Graffiti
  • Nickelodeon 90's
  • Ridiculousness
They also come in art sets:
  • Geoscapes
  • Naturescapes
  • Slick Pics
One really cool thing about the markers is they are black and have the Art With Edge Logo on them. I love it when Crayola makes products unique. I do wish the color names were on the markers. The Art With Edge markers and colored pencils are:
  • 12 Count Wedge Markers
  • 20 Count Thick & Thin Markers that connect together
  • 16 Count Color FX Pencils
  • 8 Count Glitter Markers
I think all but the Wedge markers are good markers to color with. I found the wedge markers fun, but hard for detail work.

I had so much fun coloring these pages. All the books were very unique and had fun pictures to color.  Here is what I colored. I have included the instruments I used on each page and in the caption.


Wonder Woman, Justice League Book, colored with 72 Count Color Escapes Colored Pencils. I love colored pencils for detailed work.

Say What? Book colored with Art With Edge Wedge Markers. Bo Bunny paper used in the background.

Say What? Book colored with Dynamic Duos Markers
Fantastic Beast Pages colored with Art With Edge Thick & Thin Markers
What Did I Think?
I think these books are great for teens and kids, and even adults. We all had fun coloring the pages. There is a variety of books that will appeal to all personalities. I personally would not have gotten the Skulls or Zombie book on my own, but I know there are a lot of people out there that like those kind of books. I would definitely recommend picking one of these books up.

To see detailed collecting product information on all these products click here.

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Crayola 72 Count Colored Pencils Color Escapes: What's Inside the Box

Overview and Review
Crayola came out with 72 colored pencils color escapes in 2016.  I remember the day they announced them, I was so excited! Colored Pencils up til now had only come in 50, 60, 64 (with no names) and 100 colored pencils, with the 100 colored pencils only containing 60 unique names.  This set contains 72 unique colors. I think it is so they compete with brands such as Prismacolor. Coloring with colored pencils is one of my favorite things and I love I will have even more colors. I am excited to use these with all the adult coloring books I have and will get this year! The packaging is white to go along with the white theme for adult coloring.

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Crayola Adult Coloring Books Review

I was so excited to find the Crayola Folk Art Escapes and Elegant Escapes adult coloring books at the Crayola Store in Kansas City. I found the Whimsical and Patterned Escapes later at Toy's R Us. The coloring book pages are sturdy and heavy. They were first made in 2015 in conjunction with their parent company Hallmark. I am planning on copying the pages and coloring them with my little girl.  It will be so much fun.  Crayola also came out with a line of matching markers and colored pencils (Aged Up).  Check them out here! I wanted to find all of the adult coloring books, but they fly off the store shelves.

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Here are some pages I colored from the books. It is super fun to color and come up with ideas for what they should look like. I love using thin markers like Doodle Scents, Dynamic Duos and, Pip Squeak Skinnies, and Super Tips markers.

In 2017 Crayola came out with it's own Escapes series Nature and Inspired Escapes. These books are only 40 pages and not made by Hallmark Artists. Hallmark actually has their own line of adult coloring books now.

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