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Do you want to work with me?  I would love to work with you if you are a fit for my brand.  Please email me, I will consider all requests.

Stats and Reach
Blog Visitors: 50,000+ per month
Blog Views: 120,000+ per month
Email Subscribers: 8500 subscribers, segmented audiences
YouTube: 6900 followers with 60,000+ monthly views and 2,800 monthly watch hours
TikTok: 7470 followers with 423,400 likes
Pinterest: 2860 followers with 410,400 monthly views
Instagram: 2413 followers
Facebook: 824 followers
Facebook Groups: Art Supply Collectors (300+), Adult Coloring (1700+), STEAM for Teachers (540+)

What can I do for you?
Whatever you want me to do I will give it my 110%.  I have many skills in Photoshop, Photography, Writing that I can directly apply to any option you choose.
As of right now I offer the following services:
  • Short Videos (Reels, TikTok, Shorts)
  • YouTube Video
  • Styled Photos
  • Sponsored Blog Posts 
  • Reviews 
  • In Post Links and Advertising
  • Social Media, Promotions
  • Giveaways
  • Graphic Design 
  • Side Bar Ads
  • Custom Content
  • Sponsored Content in Emails
My Portfolio

Here are some of the projects I have worked on in the past for companies. I have worked with many more, here are some of the highlights. I have worked on blog posts, YouTube videos, and Instagram Photos and Reels.


In 2021 I helped Sharpie with promotion for their new 65 count Sharpie box. Before this no one really knew how many Sharpie colors there were. In 2022 I helped Sharpie launch their Portrait colors on Instagram. I created a reel and images. I also helped them launch twin brush/ultra fine markers, new highlighter packaging and colors and the stainless steel metal Sharpie cover using reels and photographs.


I have worked with Zebra to create some video reels and then used the collaborate feature on Instagram. Using the collaborate feature helped the reach for both of our accounts for that post.


I have created a lot of content for Crayola over the years. Most of the time I have posted my content on my blog, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

One of my favorite stories and Crayola's favorite stories is how Susan and I saved Dandelion. Before the official day it was going to be announced Dandelion was the one retired a box with that information showed up in stores a few days early. Susan in my facebook group found it and I told Crayola. They decided to release the video telling about Dandelion's release a day early because of this. And all was well. This shows how I am connected to the art community and can bring this important points to the companies to help connect with the end customer.

Coverage of Events

I have attended Toy Fair, Sweet Suite, and Art Materials World Creativation. At these events I have covered the event and highlighted new and exciting products from the companies.

Karin Markers

Scribble Stuff

What is my corporate background work experience?

I was a former stress analyst at Boeing and a design engineer at Daimler Trucks North America.  While at both of these companies I was recognized for providing informative opportunities, in addition to my normal workload to employees and the company.

At Boeing I was recognized by the Chief Engineer for the Defense Division for helping initiate "Lunch and Learns" for my building.  I did these during my time and worked with central engineering to help inform employees about the various projects at Boeing.

At Daimler I was recognized for designing and producing posters coordinated from all of engineering to describe why design changes were needed for EPA 2010.  These posters were sent to all the production plants and displayed for the engineering department to see.

At Daimler was also recognized and sought after to be the engineering representative to help with our annual United Way campaign.  One of the ways we helped increase contributions was by having a change contest between departments.  I was counting that money when I went into labor with my first child.

All these experiences show how I went above and beyond for the companies I worked for.  I will definitely do the same for you.

What have I done since?
When my first child was born I decided to be a stay at home mom and raise my children.  Since then I have organized a coop preschool every year for my children.  I have also started this website and  I have produced  content for many companies and I can produce content for you too.

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