Complete List of Sharpie Marker Colors, Fine and Ultra Fine

Do you want to know ALL THE SHARPIE Fine and Ultra Fine COLORS? I have found 76 unique current Sharpie colors, 24 retired for a total of 100 color names.  This post is long overdue! But the reason it is long overdue is because it has taken me a while to figure out all the Sharpie colors. Why? It is because there is not one box of Sharpies that has all the colors, the color names are not on the markers and the color names are not always listed on the packaging. What I have had to do to find all these colors is buy the packs that have the names on the sides and find out from there what the colors are. 

There are some retired colors from past boxes, but I cannot get ahold of them and people cannot buy them. If they are rereleased, I will add them to the list. 

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Click here to get this chart and a swatch chart!

Click here to get swatch charts for all the Sharpie Markers.

The current Sharpie marker colors are: valley girl violet, ultra violet, boysenberry, magenta, power pink, electric pink, berry, rocket fuel red, jellie pink, neon pink, ruby, pink, jupiter red, solar flare red, red, racey red, pink lemonade, peach, orion orange, optic orange, leg warmer orange, neon orange, tangerine, banana clip yellow, yellow, neon yellow, almond, supersonic yellow, martian green, venus green, lime, neon green, galaxy green, green, mint, argyle green, aqua, jetset jade, emerald, nano blue, turquoise, sapphire, blue ice, neon blue, brilliant blue, surf, techno blue, blue, navy, sky, intergalactic indigo, purple, lilac, metallic gold, metallic bronze, brown, black, dark matter gray, slate gray, celestial gray, metallic silver, purple fluorite, tanzanite, peacock blue, teal tiger's eye, jasper green, amber, cabochon coral, rose quartz, citrine, aquamarine, geode, violet chalcedony, light blue topaz, and lavender mica.

Here is the swatch chart I created for all the Sharpie colors. It can be used to track which Sharpies are in a collection and easily find out which ones are needed. All the Sharpie colors have distinct caps that usually match up with one another. I did find an oddity in the Cosmic Color set. The color caps for magenta and sky do not match up. The ink color is the same. 

Click here to get this swatch chart.

To understand all the colors Sharpie offers it is necessary to understand how the release history. Sharpie has long been around for a very long time. It was introduced in 1964 and was touted as a marker that could write on anything. In 1979 new colors were introduced, blue, brown and green. They started to expand their color line up from there. Right now Sharpie is focusing on standard packs of individual colors, 8, 12 and 24 and specialty themed sets that range from 5 markers to 115. They also expanded their tip selections. I have listed where each color comes currently in the information below. In 2003 they started introducing limited editions with unique colors.

The big question is: How does one get all the colors? I wish there was a box where all the colors could be found, but for now a bunch of different packs must be purchased and there will be many duplicates! All the colors can be purchased with by getting the 45 collection, Mystic Gems and the 115 collection, but that is a lot of money. I have the 45 collection and a bunch of others. I am hoping to get my hands on all of them! Some of the colors can be bought open stock too at stores such as Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics. Here is a chart that list what colors come in each box.

There is also no fanfare for releasing new colors or retiring colors. Who knows what colors will disappear this year?

Here are all the packs with what colors are in them. There are specialty sets that come out at the holidays, but I have not listed them because they are usually only available for a short time.

Standard 8

  • Black, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green, Brown, Orange, Blue, Aqua, Berry, Lime, and Turquoise

Standard 12

  • Black, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green, Brown, Orange, Blue, Aqua, Berry, Lime, and Turquoise

Here are some themed 12 pack sets

Hero Original Colors

See above for color chart, same as standard.

  • Black, Blue, Turquoise, Aqua, Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Berry, Red, Purple, and Brown

Hero Vibrant Colors

  • Slate Grey, Brilliant Blue, Nano Blue, Jetset Jade, Mint, Supersonic Yellow, Tangerine, Jellie Pink, Magenta, Racey Red, Ultra Violet, and Valley Girl Violet

Ultimate Collection Boxes

The Ultimate Collection Boxes are my favorite. They come in beautifully decorated boxes that are easy to display and store all the Sharpies. I may end up getting the 115 count box, taking out the Sharpies in it and putting in all the unique colors to display!

45 Ulitmate Collection

This set contains 34 unique colors. This box contains many colors that can not be found in the 72 and 115 count boxes. I have specified with on the chart an F for Fine Markers and UF for Ultra Fine markers. 

  • Fine
    • black, celestial gray, slate gray, dark matter gray, lilac, purple, intergalactic indigo, navy, blue, aqua, green, galaxy green, lime, martian green, venus green, yellow, orange, orion orange, solar flare red, red, pink lemonade, magenta, brown, rocket fuel red, jupiter red
  • Ultra Fine
    • black, celestial gray, dark matter gray, valley girl violet, boysenberry, intergalactic indigo, blue ice, sky, galaxy green, mint, venus green, martian green, banana clip yellow, tangerine, peach, solar flare red, orion orange, rocket fuel red, pink, jupiter red

72 Ultimate Collection 

This set contains 48 unique colors. All the colors in this box are available in the 115 count box. It does have a pretty Van Goh design that makes me want to get it. I have specified with on the chart an F for Fine Markers and UF for Ultra Fine markers. 

  • Fine
    • racey red, red, optic orange, orange, tangerine, peach, yellow, super sonic yellow, lime, green, jetset jade, aqua, sky blue, turquoise, nano blue, blue ice, brilliant blue, surf, blue, navy, purple, ultra violet, boysenberry, berry, power pink, electric pink, pink, pink lemonade, almond, brown, slate gray, black, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon pink
  • Ultra Fine
    • racey red, red, orange, leg warmer orange, tangerine, yellow, supersonic yellow, lime, green, argyle green, mint, aqua, blue ice, turquoise, surf, blue, techno blue, navy, purple, valley girl violet, lilac, boysenberry, berry, magenta, jellie pink, pink, brown, slate gray, black, metallic bronze times 2, metallic gold x 2, metallic silver x 2

115 Ultimate Collection

This box contains 49 unique colors. Right now this is the best box to get to get a bunch of different Sharpie colors. I have specified with on the chart an F for Fine Markers, UF for Ultra Fine, TT for Twin Tip and C for Chisel markers. 

  • Fine
    • racey red, red, optic orange, orange, leg warmer orange, tangerine, peach, yellow, banana clip yellow, super sonic yellow, lime, green, argyle green, mint, jetset jade, aqua green, turquoise, nano blue, brilliant blue, blue ice, sky blue, surf, blue, navy, techno blue, purple, ultra violet, valley girl violet, lilac, boysenberry, berry, magenta, power pink, jellie pink, electric pink, pink, pink lemonade, brown, slate grey, black, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon pink, metallic bronze x 2, metallic gold x 2, metallic silver x 4
  • Twin Tip
    • red, orange, lime, green, sky blue, turquoise, blue, navy, purple, berry, magenta, black
  • Chisel
    • red, green, turquoise, blue, navy, magenta, slate grey, black
  • Ultra Fine
    • racey red, red, optic orange, orange, leg warmer orange, tangerine, peach, yellow, banana clip yellow, super sonic yellow, lime, green, argyle green, mint, jetset jade, aqua, blue ice, sky blue, turquoise, nano blue, brilliant blue, blue x 2, navy, techno blue, purple, ultra violet, valley girl violet, lilac, boysenberry, berry, magenta, power pink, jellie pink, electric pink, pink, pink lemonade, almond, brown, slate grey, black x 2
Specialty Packs and Colors

In 2003 Sharpie started releasing limited edition packs starting with Earth Tones. After that they released Nature Tones, Summer splash, Caribbean, Couleurs Café, Pastels, 80’s Glam in 2012, Electro Pop and Color Burst. This year they are releasing Mystic Gems in 14 new colors! One of the most confusing things about these sets is they sell them in various sizes and for various tips and the colors can differ. I have tried to list the biggest box size available with the unique colors listed. Sometimes the colors disappear and sometimes they stay around and are put in other boxes or packs. It is a real mystery which ones will Stay or go.

Mystic Gems 24

The Mystic Gems come in 12,  20 and 24 containing other colors mixed in. There are 14 unique colors. The 20 packs have only 5 Mystic Gems. The 12 has all Mystic Gems and the 24 all 14 with 10 other colors included.

  • Red, Cabochon Coral, Orion Orange, Amber, Green, Jasper Green, Teal Tiger's Eye, Peacock Blue, Blue, Tanzanite, Purple Fluorite, Purple, Black, Pink, Rose Quartz, Peach, Citrine, Mint, Geode Green, Aquamarine, Light Blue Topaz, Violet Chalcedony, Lavender Mica, and Celestial Gray

Electro Pop

These are the unique Electro Pop colors.

  • ultra violet, nano blue, optic orange, techno blue, electric pink

Here is what is in the 25 Fine Electro Pop Pack.

  • yellow, lime, slate gray, techno blue, purple, blue, blue ice, electric pink, sky, optic orange, nano blue, brown, boysenberry, pink lemonade, green, peach, black, ultra violet, turquoise, magenta, red, orange, navy, mint, berry

Here is what is in the 34 Ultra Fine Electro Pop pack

  • lilac, jetset jade, electric pink, almond, slate gray, tangerine, red, green, lime, ultra violet, navy, mint, power pink, brown, peach, berry, turquoise, yellow, black, aqua, purple, techno blue, yellow, pink, blue, sky, brilliant blue, optic orange, boysenberry, nano blue, orange, blue ice, racey red, magenta, super sonic yellow

Color Burst

Here are the colors in the Fine and Ultra Fine Color Burst Packs.

  • Power Pink, Racey Red, Supersonic Yellow, Jetset Jade, Brilliant Blue, Aqua, Berry, Black, Blue, Blue Ice, Brown, Green, Lime, Magenta, Mint, Navy, Orange, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Purple, Red, Slate Gray, Turquoise Blue, and Yellow

Cosmic Colors

Here are the colors in the Fine Cosmic colors pack.

  • boysenberry, magenta, rocket fuel red, jupiter red, solar flare red, red, peach, orange, orion orange, yellow, green, galaxy green, venus green, martian green, aqua, blue, navy, sky, brown, lilac, intergalactic indigo, black, dark matter gray, celestial gray

Here are the colors in the Ultra Fine Cosmic Colors pack. I think it is slightly different including jellie pink instead of magenta and sky blue instead of sky because the caps are different colors.

  • boysenberry, jellie pink, rocket fuel red, jupiter red, solar flare red, red, peach, orange, orion orange, yellow, green, galaxy green, venus green, martian green, aqua, blue, navy, sky blue, brown, lilac, intergalactic indigo, black, dark matter gray, celestial gray


  • neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon pink


  • metallic ruby, metallic emerald, metallic sapphire, metallic silver, metallic bronze, metallic gold

80's Glam

  • valley girl violet, jellie pink, leg warmer orange, argyle green, banana clip yellow

  • sky blue, pink, lilac, peach, mint

Retired Packs

For the retired boxes I do not have swatches of the old color names, but I have included what was in each box. Thank you for documenting these 2old2color! Thank you Jason Cospelich for your careful research so I could complete this list.

The officially retired colors from Sharpie are: burgundy, marigold, olive, plum, brick red, dandelion, ocean blue, spruce green, kiwi, coconut, flamingo, lime daiquiri, stingray, blueberry, early gray, hibiscus tea, mocha, rain shower, clover, pumpkin, rose, violet, teal blue and pomegranate. Let me know if there are others. The retired ones are in italics. Here are all the swatches.  These were provided by Tiffany.

Nature Tones (2003)

  • burgundy, marigold, navy, olive, plum

Earth Tones (2004)

  • brick red, dandelion, ocean blue, slate gray, spruce green

Summer Splash (2006)

  • almond, blue ice, boysenberry, kiwi, pink lemonade
Wild Flowers (2006)
  • rain shower, clover, pumpkin, rose, violet

Couleurs Cafe (2008)

  • blueberry, early gray, hibiscus tea, mocha, pomegranate

Caribbean (2009)

  • coconut, flamingo, lime daiquiri, stingray, surf
Special Release (2015)
  • teal blue
Wood Touch UP, not official retired colors, but retired product
  • Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS!!! I have been trying to get the color names for my Sharpies forever and have only managed to identify a few. This has made my week!

  2. I don't understand how Bic can put actual color names on their markers, but Sharpie, a company known for their color range, cannot do the same.
    If a name is too much, then how about a color number?
    The only way I've been able to identify 14 of the 37 Sharpies that I have is because I bought them singularly and left the UPC sticker on it that had the color name!
    I had bought the 80's Glam set and used another marker to write the color on the barrels and then sealed the names with a thin coat of resin. I used that set so much that I used them up while other Sharpies I've had for a few years are still sitting in their various cups.
    I think fans of Sharpies should get a petition going that states how important it is to us that The markers have a color name or number on them. State that they did it on the Silver, Gold & Bronze Metallic set and the holiday Red & Green Metallic set, so it can't be that hard to do. Then send the hard copy to Sharpie Corp.
    It has to be a hard copy over electronic to show them page after page of fan signatures wanting the names on.
    I think I'll do a test on my Twitter account tonight just to see how many agree.
    What do you think? Has it already been done and Sharpie ignored it?

    1. The problem is, Sharpie is a brand name, not a company. The brand is owned by Newell Brands. They don't even run things by brand - there is no Sharpie team. There's a Writing Division that handles all the pen/marker/office brands Newell owns - Sharpie, PaperMate, Dymo, Elmers, Expo, Mr. Sketch, Krazy Glue, Parker, Prismacolor, Reynolds, Rotring, Waterman, and X-Acto. Also, the Segment President, Laurel Hurd, manages not only Writing, but Baby, which is another six brands. Sharpie is a cog in a corporation that has 44 other brands to manage, which means it gets a lot less attention than when it was owned by Sanford. To their credit, Newell has greatly expanded the Sharpie product line-up, especially from the late 90s into about 2010. Under Sanford, we had the basic 8 colors (Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) in one tip size.

    2. So the ONLY sharpies they bother to print their names onto the barrels are OBVIOUS colors that make us shake our head: Gold, Silver, Metallic red, Metallic green.. geez!

      An ultimate set would be nice for the ultra fine, or at least 48 colors!
      Today with three basic sets I'm listing. 75847 (no name), Electro and Cosmic - There's colors I want from all three, even tho I don't need all the colors. They all have the same 16 base colors. Mystic Gem has 8 base colors.

      I won't buy 2-3 sets to end up with duplicates, so spent time mapping out the color differences, coming here to find the missing name/swatches.

      For my needs, the 75847 Set, yeah - has NO name is the most useful and to the point color set without using cute fancy names. So there's Lilac, turquoise, almond, etc rather than "martian green, Jupiter Red, Ultra Violet," etc. I made a grid of what had the most useful colors to choose. 75847 also comes with a pouch.

      Beware of counterfeit sharpies that leak and other issues on Amazon!

      Another choice is a Japanese store or an art store. But a Japanese store like KINOKUNIYA in the USA carries thousands of colors from at least a dozen brands. The Japanese really love their pens. They are very expensive. about $3~6 per pen. They are not in generic barrels, but top end materials and form factor. Buying them online from Amazon will likely be a knock-off, I've been there.

      So for me, Sharpie is easier to get legit. But by all means, check out the Japanese ones if you're in a major city that has that store. It's pen and market heaven!

  3. Ditto!! Thank you very much!

  4. There’s a set I believe was called “Wildflower” (or perhaps “Wildflowers.” It included

    • rose;
    • pumpkin;
    • clover;
    • rainshower; and
    • violet

    1. Their hex colors from their old website were:

      #66FFD9 - Rainshower
      #33FF33 - Clover
      #FF33CC - Rose
      #8033FF - Violet...
      and at last,
      #FF7300 - Pumpkin

  5. Another set included

  6. The pastel set also included tangerine and (though it isn’t what you’d think of as a pastel) magenta.

  7. I've been keeping track too, but *FUDGE* I can't make custom colors in my mobile Google sheets app. I've counted now officially 100 different colors! O.O!!
    Where or how may I show you my spreadsheet?

  8. Thank you, thank you so very much. One would think Sharpie would have done what you have. You have made fantastic and organized lists and charts. Thank you again!

    Happy coloring to you

  9. These lists are fantastic, thank you! Question, and maybe you have answered it and I missed it, so my apologies if I am asking you to repeat yourself...what do the numbers below the color names in each chart represent?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hex color codes and equivalent RGB (red, green, blue) decimal codes. Google hex codes and you’ll get a plethora of info explaining. 😁

    3. Hex codes and equivalent RGB (red, green, blue) decimal codes. Google hex codes for a plethora of info.😁

  10. Hex color codes and equivalent RGB (red, green, blue) decimal codes. Google hex codes and you’ll get a plethora of info explaining. 😁

  11. How can I get the swatch printout? It keeps taking me to the newsletter signup, which I completed.

    1. You should get the chart. Send me an email with your email and I can check.

  12. I have an Electro Pop 5-Pack that I got a few years ago at Office Max that’s just the 5 unique Electro Pop colors.

  13. I don’t know what set(s) they came out of, but I have 5 additional colors too (I wrote the names on the barrels back when I got them): deep violet, sweet pea, denim, hot pink, and periwinkle. Some of my favorite colors are the discontinued special edition ones… I miss my Ocean one, and will deeply miss Kiwi, Clover, and all the Caribbean colors when they are used up.

  14. Costco had a Limited edition 21CT last year, fun tracking those colors down. (not)
    For 2022, I think there is an Exclusive Special 12ct Fine set at Walmart (No name for the Sharpie set - doesn't show up on Walmart's website). Box Code: 2168654 (top corner)
    It's almost Mystic Gems with 7 of Gem colors with following:
    7 Mystic Gem colors:
    Cabochon Coral, Orion Orange, Rose Quartz, Geode Green, Aquamarine, Light Blue Topaz and Lavender Mica.

    5 off colors:
    Martian Green = Cosmic
    Nano Blue = Electro
    Sky Blue = a 16 base color
    Banana Clip Yellow = 80's glam
    Sharpie Surf = ? (What it says on the package. Renamed Surf?)

    This set of 12 goes together nicely.

    I could take a photo or scan the package before I open it. I already marked up the rear.

    1. I picked up the Walmart 12 pack. Although it says Sky Blue it came with Sky. It does come with Surf.

  15. Thank you for this!!! I have been looking everywhere!
    Wondering if you know the sharpie colours that are included in the 'Sharpie 24 + 1' pack???

  16. I did not know that Sharpie colours or collections were a thing until I am now having to replace the majority of a bag of Sharpies, because TOC’s, while I was away on medical leave, allowed students to walk away with them. It is costing almost $90 CAN (Ordering some online from Amazon and local, so I am not wasting gas looking.) to replace a collection (with “new blood” added randomly) that has survived 5-6 years of teaching and multiple schools. Your lists were very helpful in recreating a “set” with very few duplicates (only Navy and Aqua). My new Sharpies are staying home from now on!!!
    Just an FYI. Walmart (and maybe this is just in Canada) has the complete Mystic Gems (14) in Fine Point on Price Rollback currently for $6.99 CAN.
    Again…Thank you for these lists.

  17. So wonderful to have the colors' names!
    My question now is .... How do I know which name goes with the Sharpies that I have? Sometimes they're awfully close...

  18. Thank you so much! I have been trying to snag them all, but like you said, I have so many repeats! Also, have you tried Amazon or EBay for the retired packs? I have found them on there a couple times,… Not always, but I have come across them. I try to get those when I can too. I so wish they would come out with a pack that has EVERY color in it! I bookmarked this page for future reference, too! I love your blog! Thanks for all your hard work!

  19. I believe there is an error with the 72 Ultimate Collection. The swatch and itemized breakdown state that Metallic Gold, Bronze, and Silver are available in UF - Ultra Fine - in this collection. However, all metallic Sharpie colors are only available in F - Fine.

  20. Thank you so much for this. I'm dropping this into my Art links folder, lol. I'm doing a simple pair of sharpie mugs for myself and my fiance as a wedding gift. Somehow our signature colors became blue and green, but I know that the standard green might bake too dark. This helped me decide so much easier. Why Sharpie doesn't offer swatches themselves... *shrugs* You'd think they'd know that artists use them in everything.

  21. What about the Sharpie Permanent Markers The Ultimate Collection 65 count Fine Point color box? What would you need to overlap that with to get all the colors?

    1. Just get the neons metallics and portrait colors.

  22. Thank you so much for this! I use sharpies at work for color coding and I'm struggling SO HARD to find enough truly distinct colors that aren't also too pale to be useful to me. I thought I was just crazy but now I know that the 'one box with everything' doesn't exist, and I'll have to do some piecing to get a better set.

  23. Hi Jenny. Have listed Sharpie Glam Pop colors yet ? What are the NEW colors ?

  24. Great help identifying Sharpie colours! I believe the Colour Burst 24 pack contains a lilac, not a turquoise...Thanks for your hard work!