25 Zebra Mildliner Highlighters and Creative Markers

Have you seen a more beautiful set of markers and colors? I am literally IN LOVE with these markers from Zebra. These markers are the Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Creative Markers. They have been around for a few years making their way over from Japan. The colors are soft and great for note taking, bullet journaling, lettering, calligraphy and even coloring. There is not a ton of colors, but the color palette works very well together and looks amazing! The ink comes out very well also, a little better than the S-Note from Sharpie. It is pretty easy to get a solid line.

I was given these markers in exchange for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links. Paper is from Hahnemuhle Paper and DCWV.

Click here to find on Blick. Paper from Hahnemuhle Paper, Nostalgie and DCWV.

Click here to find the paper I used on Blick.

Color Information:

The colors in the 25 Zebra Mildliner creative marker set are: red, pink, coral pink, marigold, vermilion, apricot, orange, gold, lemon yellow, yellow, citrus green, green, summer green, blue green, smoke blue, blue, cyan, dark blue, lavender, violet, magenta, fuchsia, gray, dark gray and brown.

This is the 25 colors pack, but the markers also come in sets of five. They can also be purchased open stock.

Here is a swatch chart with all the different sets available, Refresh Bright, Friendly, Fluorescent, Cool and Refined, and Warm.Paper from Hahnemuhle Paper and DCWV.

I have also made a swatch and lettering practice chart. Click here to get it.

Here are all the different marker sets. The 25 can be split up in these sets and be used together, or unique color combinations can be formed.


The colors in the fluorescent Mildliner pack are: pink, orange, yellow, blue, and blue green.

The colors in the Warm Mildliner set are: magenta, vermilion, gold, smoke blue, and brown.

Refresh Bright 
The colors in the Mildliner refresh bright set are: fuchsia, marigold, citrus green, summer green, and lavender.

The colors in the Friendly Mildliner set are: lemon yellow, apricot, coral pink, cyan, and dark gray.
Cool and Refined 
The colors in the Mildlinder Cool and Refined set are: red, green, dark blue, violet, and gray.
Here is the back of the box for reference. I could not find a year. It is interesting to note that the markers contain and AP symbol on back, the color name and a UPC code because they can be sold open stock. Click here to find on Blick.

And one more pretty picture just because. 

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