Are you a parent? Well you are in luck. I am too.  Here is a list of my favorite art supplies for certain age groups, some crafts I have done and reviews of art supplies.

If you are looking for projects to do with your kids check out my Stem and Art Page.

0-2 years
Kids this age eat and break regular crayons all the time. I love My First Crayola series that focuses on colors and adapts products to tiny hands. My kids were given these a few of these items when they were this age and we loved them.

I recently did a review of the My First Crayola Series. They divided them up into stages instead of ages now. It is all about the child's development instead of the ages now.
Here are some other available kids items I found on the website. These ones will probably be discontinued soon. As the above sets replace them on the shelves.

My First Crayola Washable Markers, Touch-Lights, Palm-Grip Crayons, Mess-Free Fingerpaint & Paper
*These pictures are not clickable and are used with permission from the website. They can be found in places that sell Crayola products.

3-4 years
Kids this age can start to use more, but will need a lot of supervision while using art supplies.  Most of the art supply boxes will not survive this age.
  • My kids loved the Crayola Pip-Squeak markers and scented markers. I love using markers for this age over crayons because markers come off easy. My son needs reminders to close the lids on markers. 
  • My husband bought some Crayola Color Sticks for this age. We saw them at the Crayola Store in Kansas city. These sticks are made to be broken. The tip can be used for detail work and the side of the stick for shading and filling in. 
  • I also love sidewalk chalk for this age too.
Click on the links to pictures detailed information and reviews about each art supply.

5-8 years
Kids this age really thrive on art supplies and can keep them put away and in their boxes pretty well. Current favorite for my daughter who is this age are:
  • Crayola Metallic markers
  • Crayola Powerline markers (pictured in the above section)
  • Crayola 50 colored pencils
  • Crayola 50 Super Tip markers
  • Crayola 64 crayons
  • Crayola Side Walk Chalk (pictured in the above section)
  • Staedler Pens
  • Primacolor Colored Pencils
  • I also recently bought an extra box of 92 crayons recently that I am excited to let my daughter use. 
Click on the pictures to find detailed information and reviews about each art supply.

Crafts & Reviews
Here are links to some of my crafts and reviews for children.

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