Other Art Supplies

Here is my collection of  Other Art Supplies (glue, adhesives chalk, coloring books, paint, paper and pens).


Pens can be really good for journaling, bullet journaling, note taking and some coloring. It does take a long time to color with pens and my hand definitely hurt afterwards, but it was really pretty. The lines between pens and markers can be blurred especially for markers with super fine tips or dual tips like the Staedtler fibre-tip pens.



Paint can be used for fine arts, crafts or kids. It can be water based, oil based, or acrylics. Some of the paints used adults should be used with lots of ventilation and are marked as so. So far I only have kids paints on this page, but look out for more this year!


Chalk is the art form that has been around longer than crayons. It can be used to create art work on the side walk and paper.

Glue and Adhesives

Glue and adhesives are mostly used in completing crafting and kids projects. Be on the lookout for more glue and adhesives coming this year.

Coloring Books and Paper 

 Using good paper for doing artwork can make all the difference. Paper can be made of different materials and coloring books can too! Make sure to look at that when purchasing coloring books and paper.



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