Crayola Construction Paper: What's Inside the Package

We love Crayola construction paper at our house.  My son loves to open any package he sees and spread it all over the playroom.  I love it for activities for preschool and for activities in general.  I love the colors that come in the pack, they are vibrant and 8 different colors.  We got a pack of construction paper that did not have all the colors and some kids get mad when they can not find their color. They love all the colors in this pack. Crayons and Markers that can be used on this paper include: Construction Paper Crayons, Poster Crayons, Gel Markers and Crayons, Metallic Markers, and Glitter Markers.

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Collecting Information
Item: Crayola Construction Paper 96 Sheets 
Year: 2010
Other Boxes: This is the first one.  It has a -300 code number
What's inside the box: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black
Purchase Information: Kroger Store
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 99-3000
Code Numbers: 99-3000-0-352
UPC Numbers: 071662893002

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