Review: Crayola Funny Faces: Crazy Costumes and Zany Zoo Review

Are any of your kids obsessed with any face apps? My daughter loves calling people on facebook messenger and making videos and photos on snap chat for that very reason. She especially loves all the crazy filters. Crayola is not getting left behind on this trend and made a Funny Faces app and corresponding coloring book. My daughter and I were so excited when Crayola sent us these coloring books in exchange for an honest review.
What Comes In the Box?
The Crayola Funny Faces line includes Zany Zoo and Crazy Costumes. Each set comes with a coloring book and 6 crayons each. The Zany Zoo comes with sepia, burnt sienna, turquoise blue, green, goldenrod, plum, and wild strawberry. Crazy Costumes comes with gray, black, cerulean, forest green, yellow, tan, scarlet. The color books are spiral bound with the pages separated into 3 sections. The pages can be colored with any combination.
Crazy Costumes
Zany Zoo
How Does It Work?
The color sections in the coloring book are colored first. My daughter used her 24 colored pencils to color the faces. After all the faces are colored the Funny Faces Crayola app needs to be opened.
In the app the coloring page is scanned and all three sections are added to the "reel" of face combos. See the picture below. The faces combo sections can be combined with any combo regardless of what book it came from.

After that the face combos can be used on a person. Filters can be applied to a photo. Once the photo is taken emoji stickers or comments can also be added to the picture.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the pages.

What Did I think?
I thought this app and coloring book was a lot of fun and so did my daughter. She loved coloring them all and playing with the app. She wants to color all the pages in the book so she can use all the combos.

Some of the pages did not scan, the robot did not. I wonder if it is because a darker color was used on the edge. I have had problems with Color Alive (a previous interactive app) scanning when dark colors are used. I also could not figure out how to use the video feature on the app. We pressed the button, but the timer never when off to record. Also I do not know if the outer box was needed or the extra crayons. I think it could be sold just as a coloring book.

All in all I think the issues we had were minor and were were able to see most of the function of the app and have fun playing around with it. I would definitely recommend this to parents, especially those with school aged daughters who love faces and filters.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Funny Faces: Crazy Costumes and Zany Zoo
Year: 2017
What's Inside the Box: Coloring Book and 6 crayons, Zany Zoo: sepia, burnt sienna, turquoise blue, green, goldenrod, plum, and wild strawberry, Crazy Costumes: gray, black, cerulean, forest green, yellow, tan, scarlet
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola
Where to buy:
Style Numbers: 95-2093 (Crazy Costumes), 95-0292 (Zany Zoo)
Code Numbers: 95-2093-0-200 (Crazy Costumes), 95-0292-0-200 (Zany Zoo)
UPC Numbers: 071662202934 (Crazy Costumes), 071662302924 (Zany Zoo)
Manufacturing Location: Product of China with Coloring Pad from Vietnam

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