Post It Noted Pen Review

Post It usually just makes paper products or so I thought...It turns out they make some pens too. Target and Post It collaborated for a new line called Noted in 2021. It included lots of different planning stationary, stickers and these pens. I honestly have no idea how long the line will be around. It was already being clearanced out last time I was in the store. It could be one of those things that last for a long time or lasts for years. Who knows? Here are all the pens that came in the line. 

The really annoying thing was I had to purchase all of these separately. They were each 5.99 for 3 pens. That is thirty dollars for the whole set. Is the whole set worth 30 dollars? No I say. The pens are good, but not 30 dollars good. That is about two dollars a pen. I would pay one dollar a pen maybe. The quality was good on normal paper, but on the Noted paper the quality is actually sub par. It does not lay down as well and is not as vibrant. I will update this post with some swatches eventually, but for now take my word.

I will say I really do love to use these in my Kate Spade planner. There is no bleed through and the colors are vibrant on that paper.

I am glad I was able to get all the colors, because they are so pretty. But I have to digress and say why I would not pay that much again. Another reason I do not think the pens are worth 2 dollars a piece is they are pretty short, ie not as much ink and they will not last as long. It also does not grip the same as a regular pen.  They are pretty colors however and if I was buying them I would buy them all.

Color Information

What's inside the box: Colors are not named, why not??? The box names are called; red, pink, green, blue and gray. The colors in the boxes are all variations of those colors.
Where to buy: Target

Collecting Information
This would be a great set to collect because I have no idea how long it will be around.
Boxes: Noted by Post-It Pen Sets
Year: 2020
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Target
Part Number: 34-8725-9860-1 (Red), 34-8725-9859-3 (Pink), 34-8725-9858-5 (Green), 34-8725-9857-7 (Blue), 34-8725-9814-8 (Gray)
UPC: 638060855966 (Red), 638060855959 (Pink), 638060855942 (Green), 638060855935 (Blue), 638060855812 (Gray)
Manufacturing Location: Germany

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