Dream About Space with Wooden Spaceship Kit from Kid Made Modern

My kids absolutely LOVE space. During out stay at home time we have been studying astronomy. As part of the study we incorporated this kit from Kid Made Modern Wooden spaceship kit. My two year old even joined in on the fun with lots of supervision. She painted the pink one and proceeded to peel the stickers off before I get get a picture. She loved her little space ship she made.

What's In the Box
The kit comes with three wooden spaceships, 12 colors of paint, two paint brushes, and six pages of stickers! That is more stickers than will be used at all, but what it does is enable the kids to make the design however they want. They can choose different color themes for their space ships and mix and match pages.

What We Did

This was our station to paint our projects.

Here is my two year old painting her pink space ship. She used that pink until it was gone! She did get it on her clothes, the rug and floor. I washed her clothes right away and the paint came out. It also came out right away from the floor and the rug. The key with paint is to get it out before it dries.

Here is my nine year old daughter painting her space ship.

Here is my son painting his space ship.

After the space ships were all dry we put stickers on them. The stickers fit very well on all the space ships. It is almost like they were made for the wooden spaceships :)

Here is my sons finished spaceship. I love it.

And my daughters.
What Did We Think?
This kit was amazing. There was honestly nothing I would change. As with all Kid Made Modern kits it is very open ended and very cute. The finished products do not look the same as the box. Kids can express their own creativity and make their own masterpieces. This kit was super easy because there were only two components, paint and stickers. It lasted long enough for the kids to be engaged, but was not too much for them. It was the perfect amount of time to spend on a project. I also liked that there were three spaceships because I have three kids.

I also loved how well the stickers coordinated with the paint colors. They all seemed to match everything and gave a very polished look to the spaceship. Find on Amazon!

Here is the packaging.


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