Ford Crayola 8 Count Crayons with Coloring Book

One of the coolest things about collecting crayons is not only seeing the history of crayons, but the history of so many other aspects of history. How? Because Crayola often partners with other brands and companies to release crayon boxes and such. In 1996 Crayola released a "Ford" branded box of crayons with an accompanying book. This book was a comic book with a few coloring pages focused on recycling. The next year Ford partnered with Crayola and Sesame Street to release a road trip/car safety coloring book. There are so very beautiful color pages. Elmo and Big Bird are on the cover with their seat belts. During this same time period Folksam, Saab and Ford worked on a seat belt reminder. Now that is in every car today. I wonder if the timing of this coloring book set came at the same time as the seat belt reminder for marketing purposes. Here are the crayon boxes and coloring books.

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Color Information
Here is all the color info. 
What's inside the box: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet [violet (purple) in 1998 pack], brown, black
1997 Ford Coloring Book

Collecting Information
These are great coloring books and crayon boxes to collect.
Boxes: 1997 and 1998 Ford Crayon boxes with coloring books
Year: 1997 and 1998
Style Numbers:  52-2008
Code Numbers:  52-2008-0-208 (1997 box), 52-2008-0-205W (1998 box)
UPC Numbers: 071662034078
Manufacturing Location: USA
Purchase Information: from fellow collector
Where to buy: eBay
1997 Ford Crayons

1998 Ford Crayons and Coloring Book

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