Crayola Activity Floor Pad-Learn to Draw

I picked up the Crayola Learn to Draw-Activity Floor Pad in the dollar section or Bull's Eye's Playground at Target during back to school.  The Activity Pad is meant to be used on the floor and includea step by step drawing instructions for drawing different animals and objects.  My daughter has drawn many things with this activity pad and loves it.  She is already a better drawer than me.

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Collecting Information
Items: Crayola Activity Floor Pad-Learn to Draw
Manufacturer: Bendon Inc
Year: 2015
Other Items: Create & Play, Puzzles & Games, 30 page Floor Pad
What's inside the box: 165 stickers, 35 activity pages, 5 practice sheets
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: eBay, Amazon
Part Number: 234141085F16818245-02/15
DCPI Number: 234-14-1085
IBSN: 978-1-4530-8902-6
UPC Numbers: 9781453089026

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