Crayola Side Walk Paint and Sidewalk Paint Sprayer Review: What's Inside the Box

I was really excited to be given the Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer in exchange for an honest review.
I had already bought two cans of sidewalk paint and and was excited to use it.

How does it work?

The Crayola paint sprayer comes with 2 full stencils, 4 small stencils, 2 bottles of washable Neon Sidewalk Paint, and a paint sprayer. The sprayer has a removable chamber, the blue one on the top. It unscrews and paint is put in. The sprayer is then hand pumped, 15-20 pumps to get enough air in the chamber. The paint is released by pressing the orange trigger.

What did I think of the paint and the sprayer?

We loved the washable paint! The paint is so much fun to use, it goes on wet and when it dries it turns to a chalk substance. My kids were amazed by this and loved it. The stencils worked well. The paint also got on our clothes and bodies. It came off our clothes, hands, and the stencils with little work. I washed the clothes in hot water and the stencils and my body with the garden hose. 

The sprayer however was difficult to use. We followed all the trouble shooting tips, but never got it to work perfectly. We also went through a lot of paint. I think part of the problem is the paint was too thick to spray well. Water sprayed just fine with the sprayer. Some of the trouble shooting tips included: 
  • make sure the paint is not clogging the nozzle by shaking the paint vigorously before using, making sure the nozzle is clear of any paint and cleaning well after use.
  • make sure the sprayer is pressurized correctly by pumping enough times and making sure the chamber is secure
  • make sure to use the sprayer correctly by pointing downward and the orange nozzle is on tight
Here is what we made.

Collecting Information

Boxes: Washable Neon Sidewalk Paint, Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer
Other  Boxes: 
Year: 2016 Paint, 2015 Sprayer
What's Inside the Box: Paint: Shocking Pink, Laser Lemon, Extreme Blue, Super Purple
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola and bought yellow and purple bottles a Target
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola Products
Style Numbers: 55-3533 (Paint Sprayer and pink and blue Paint), 55-3521 (Laser Lemon), 55-3524 (Super Purple)
Code Numbers: 55-3533-0-197 (Shocking Pink), 55-3521-0-300 (Laser Lemon), 55-3533-0-193 (Extreme Blue), 55-3524-0-300 (Super Purple), 55-3533-0-200 (Paint Sprayer)
UPC Numbers: 071662035334 (Paint Sprayer), 071662235215 (Laser Lemon), 071662235246 (Super Purple)
Manufacturing Location: USA (Laser Lemon and Super Purple), Product of China with Paint from Vietnam (Paint Sprayer)

2015 Neon Sidewalk Paint

2016 Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

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