Crayola Wild Notes Pens

The Crayola Wild Notes Pens came out in 2013. They are made to use with Wild Notes pads of paper.  What I did not realize when I bought these items if you had to have the special paper to even use them. I wish the Crayola Store in Kansas City had the paper when I bought these.  When they are used they reveal colors underneath the paper. I wonder what would happen if you colored the whole paper. It is like invisible ink. There are colors underneath, the pens ink need to come in contact with the paper to be revealed. Now I need to find some paper.

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Collecting Information
Crayola has made an assortment of gel pens and these pens. They fall under the Crayola umbrella and have not been outsourced.
Boxes: Crayola Wild Notes Pens, Neon and Classic
Other boxes: 
Year: 2013
What's inside the box: Neon and Classic Colors
Purchase Information: received from Crayola Experience Orlando
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 99-3466 (blue), 99-3468 (yellow)
Code Numbers: 99-3466-0-300 (blue), 99-3468-0-300 (yellow)
UPC Numbers: 071662134662 (blue),  071662134662 (yellow)
Manufacturing Location: Czech Republic 

2013 Wild Notes Pens (blue package)
2013 Wild Notes Pens (yellow package)


  1. Do you still have these pens?

    1. i have the notebook and my pen is dried out. would you sell them to me?

  2. Do you still have these pens?

  3. Do you still have these pens?

  4. you still have these pens and if so, would you be willing to sell them?

  5. Who needs a Wild Notes black writing pad?