Crayola Mixing Mediums Paint: What's Inside the Box

In 2016 Crayola came out with Washable Mixing Mediums Kids Paint. They have been selling individual bottles of paint in Target and Michaels for a few years now. There are some glitter type paints and regular paints. With the Washable Mixing Mediums paint kids can add their own effects to the paint. I know that my kids will love this. It comes in Pearlescent, Texture and Glitter effects. The effect paint is non colored and can be added to any paint.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Washable Mixing Mediums
Other boxes: 
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: 6 bottles, 2 pearlescent, 2 texture, 2 glitter
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy:  eBay, Amazon 
Style Numbers: 54-2402
Code Numbers: 54-2402-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662424022
Manufacturing Location: USA

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