30 Special Edition Sharpie Permanent Markers

I do not know how this is my very fist Sharpie post EVER because I LOVE sharpies. But it is. This is the 30 Count Sharpie pack. There are 15 Fine Point Permanent Markers and 15 Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers. The colors are included on the back of the box. If you know me you know I love when they include colors. I can not wait to use these markers to color. Sharpie ink is super bright and absorbent. These markers will bleed. It is best to color on top of something perishable or not important because it will be bleed through.

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Click here to get swatch charts for all the Sharpie Markers.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 30 Count Sharpie Snake Eye Special Edition Box
Other boxes: There are other special edition Sharpie Boxes
Year: 2016?
What's inside the box: 15 Fine Point and 15 Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers, 3 Bonus Coloring Pages, Brown, Blue, Purple, Power Pink, Tangerine, Lime, Yellow, Pink, Red, Jetset Jade, Optic Orange, Turquoise, Ultra Violet, Slate Gray, Black
Where to buy:  eBayAmazon
Product Number: look at box
UPC Numbers: 071641119581
Manufacturing Location: USA

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