72 Staedtler Double-ended fibre-tip pens

My husband introduced me to the Staedtler brand when he bought some Staedtler triplus fineliner pens. I was so excited to try these 72 Double-ended fibre-tip pens. The only thing that drives me insane is that they do not have names on them. I do not like it when companies do not label their colors. It drives me insane. There is also a 120 set. I would have bought those if I had known. Maybe next time.

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The double-ended pens come with a thin (0.5-0.8 mm) and thick tip (3.0 mm). The thick tip is for filling in spaces and the fine tip is for detail work. The case to hold the pens in is very nice. The back of the package says: double-ended fibre-tips pens for colorful sketching, drawing, illustration and writing.

Color Information 

Boxes: 72 Staedtler Double-ended fibre-tip pens
What's inside the box: 72 pens
Purchase Information: Amazon
Where to buy: Amazon

Here is a swatch chart for all the colors. They turned out so vibrant. I can not wait to use them in my planner. Click here to get this swatch chart.
Collecting Information
Boxes: 72 Staedtler Double-ended fibre-tip pens
Other boxes: There is a 72 set with another front design.
Year: Unknown
Part Numbers: 3200 TB72 02
UPC Numbers: 4007817042809
Manufacturing Location: Italy
Where to buy: Amazon

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  1. I also recently acquired a 72-piece set of Staedtler dual-tip markers. I was irritated that the colors weren't labeled. I can understand that the company markets its products worldwide, and printing the name of the color in the language of each market would be difficult, if not impossible. Still, I wish there was a chart inside the package with the name of the color next to each swatch. Prism does label its colored pencils with the color. Another thing that bothered me about Staedtler is that the colors look darker when applied than the cap color would suggest.