Review: Crayola Sticker Design Studio

My kids and I were super excited to review the Crayola Sticker Design Studio. Crayola sent it to us for review. The Sticker Design Sudio is really versatile and can be used on many different surfaces.

What Comes In the Box?
The box was quite full when we got it. That is because it came with a lot of supplies. It comes with: 1 transfer mat, 3 bottles premium neon tempera paint, 1 pattern design tool, 1 roller, 3 nozzles, 2 stencil sheets, 4 blank sticker sheets, 6 pre-cut sticker sheets, 3 foam sticker sheets, 1 plastic sheet, and 1 design guide. Not everything is needed for every project, but all the parts provide for lots of different projects.
How Does It Work?
We followed along with the instructions in the book and made lots of different projects. We stamped with the foam stickers,  painted pencils, applied the paint to stickers, used stencils and made patterns on the mat.

This is definitely a messy tool and we prepared for it by having cardboard down and a sheet. I told my kids to be very careful with the paint.

The whole magic of the sticker design studio is in the transfer mat. Paint is squirted onto it. Then the roller is used spread the paint. The paint can be spread in a line or side to side to create a tye dye effect.
What happens next depends on the type of project that is being created. To create a sticker, sticker paper or a pre-cut sticker is applied to the mixed up paint.
If a pencil, canvas, or material is being used the project is directly applied to the paint. We used pencils and my kids loved them.
If the foam stickers are being used to created a design the foam sticker is attached to the included plastic blue square. The negative image or the stamped design can be used. I tried both of them.
Here is the stamped design. I was not supposed to, but got a little paint on the plastic. It got onto my card. I ended up using the mistake to create a frame for the card.
We also tried using the pattern tool to make a design. We messed up the first time and pressed too hard, but after that the design came out wonderful!
To make the stencil design the stencil is place on the mat and then the paint is applied. Then the roller is used to roll the paint.
Here is how the design turned out. I really liked the color coordination.

What Did I think?
Here are all our finished products. The sheets of paper with the patterns could have been applied to surfaces or stickers to put on other surfaces. My favorite things we made were the stickers. My kids favorites were the pencils. The possibilities with this set are endless. I LOVED the bright colors included in the set. They made for some really pretty patterns.
We loved the sticker design studio and my kids are already asking to paint some more items. I think the more we use this the better we would get at it. It is definitely something that takes some practice.
Some recommendations I would make in the future for myself would be:
  • If I wanted a more cohesive color scheme and was mixing 3 colors I would clean the roller off in between rolling two colors together to keep the two colors that are not by each other from mixing.
  • I would trace the free hand stickers out, the rainbow is a bit lopsided.
  • I would be more careful when stamping.
What Would I Change?
The only improvements I would make is the roller to be wider. I found when rolling the paint out sometimes the edges of the roller would take up the paint with it. I would have to go over that area again.

I would definitely recommend this Sticker Design Studio to anyone that loves to paint. You or your kids will love it! Check out to find it.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Sticker Design Studio
Year: 2017
What's Inside the Box: 1 transfer mat, 3 bottles premium neon tempera paint, 1 pattern design tool, 1 roller, 3 nozzles, 2 stencil sheets, 4 blank sticker sheets, 6 pre-cut sticker sheets, 3 foam sticker sheets, 1 plastic sheet, 1 design guide
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola
Where to buy:
Style Numbers: 74-7217
Code Numbers: 74-7217-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662172176
Manufacturing Location: Made In China nozzles from Vietnam and paint from USA

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