Crayola Colored Sticks: What's Inside the Box

Crayola Color Sticks are some of our favorite coloring items in this house, and yes I say that for everything, but this is really true.  My husband bought me a box years ago, but we recently discovered how amazing they are recently.  We visited the Crayola Store in Kansas City, there is a place for children to color in the store.  And what do they have in that area? Not just crayons like other places, but colored sticks.  They were all broken in half and really amazing. The top has 5 sides and can be used to draw fine lines.  The pencil part can be used to make rubbings, they turn out very nice.  My husband is quite the artist and was able to draw so many things with them.  He liked them so much he went home and bought a box on Amazon.  He did not buy them at the Crayola store because they were very pricey there.  We keep them in our Sunday bag and they come to church with us every week.  The box is starting to get beat up, but no colors have been broken yet.  I like using them better when they are broken in half, but I do not want to break these in half because they would be harder to store and would not look as pretty.

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I love the box the color sticks come in.  They can be put away very easily and my kids love arranging them in the box.  They do not have the color names on them, which is good because the whole point of the color stick is not to have a wrapper. I love that Crayola put the name of the colors on the side of the box. It drives me crazy when colors do not have names. The Colored Sticks are in the Colored Pencil family, hence the name color sticks, "All Color! No Wood!" I have no idea when these were first introduced, but if you have any information, please let me know.

Boxes: 12 Crayola color sticks, 24 Crayola Color Sticks
Year: 2008 (12 sticks), 2012 (24 sticks)
Other Boxes: there are several others, the 12 color stick box is -203 and the 24 color stick box is -204
What's inside the box:
12 Color Sticks: black, white, violet, blue, sky blue, green, yellow green, yellow, orange, red orange, red, brown
24 Color Sticks: gray, light blue, jade green, aqua green, golden yellow, yellow orange, peach, pink magenta, mahogany light brown, tan, black, white, violet, blue, sky blue, green, yellow green, yellow, orange, red orange, red, brown
Purchase Information: Amazon and gift
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola items, Amazon (12 Count), Amazon (24 Count), eBay
Style Numbers: 68-2312 (12 color sticks), 68-2324 (24 color sticks)
Code Numbers: 68-2312-0-203 (12 color sticks), 68-2324-0-204 (24 color sticks)
UPC: 071662523121

2008 12 Color Sticks

2012 24 Color Sticks

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