64 Count Vintage Pop Art Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

I love that Crayola likes to do throwbacks every once in a while. They definitely did this with the No 64 Vintage Pop Art Crayola Crayons Gold Medal School Crayons. The box design colors are fun, especially the blue, purple, green and yellow one.  The orange one is a throwback to classic Crayola boxes.  It is my favorite over the yellow orange box because of all the fun colors. I have been wanting this since I first saw it online, but I did not want to pay shipping.  I found it at the Crayola Store in Kansas City, Missouri.  You can see it is a little beat up, which is a disappointment, but it was the last one.  There are no new colors in the box, even though the back of the box is misleading and sounds like there might be new colors.

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The Crayola Store in Kansas City taped the box, which surprised me a little, especially since it is a collectible box.  They told me they do this at the store because people come in a take individual crayons.  They have to stop people from doing this.  I think they should be like the other Crayola stores and have a wall where people can buy individual colors.  They said they could not do this because it was not feasible.  But the Hallmark store on the same floor sells individual crayons and so do the other Crayola stores in the Crayola Experiences.  I think if I had it to do over again I would buy this box off of eBay where shipping max is $15 dollars.  I really do not like the tape and there is no way I can remove it without damaging the box.

What is also interesting about this box is that is is a 82 style code instead of a 52 as is custom with crayon boxes.  Is 82 their collectible style code?

Collecting Information
Boxes: 64 Vintage Pop Art Crayola Crayons Gold Medal School Crayons No 64 Blue and Yellow
Other Boxes: There is another vintage box Crayola made this year
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: forest green, granny smith apple, olive green, spring green, green yellow, yellow, goldenrod, dandelion, apricot, peach, yellow orange, orange, red orange, scarlet, melon, brick red, red, violet red, wild strawberry, magenta, red violet, salmon, tickle me pink, carnation pink, mauvelous, lavender, orchid, plum, violet (purple), wisteria, purple mountains' majesty, white, silver, timberwolf, gray, black, gold, macaroni and cheese, tan, burnt orange, mahogany, bittersweet, chestnut, burnt sienna, brown, sepia, raw sienna, tumbleweed, blue violet, indigo, blue, cerulean, cornflower, pacific blue, cadet blue, blue green, periwinkle, sky blue, turquoise blue, robin's egg blue, asparagus, green, sea green
Purchase Information: Crayola Store in Kansas City, Missouri
Where to buy: AmazoneBay
Style Numbers: 82-5250 (blue), 82-5264 (yellow)
Code Numbers: 82-5250-0-200 (blue), 82-5264-0-200 (yellow)
UPC Numbers: 07166252504 (blue), 071662905644 (yellow)

Crayons in both 2016 Pop Art Crayon Boxes

2016 Pop Art Crayon Box-Blue

2016 Pop Art Crayon Box-Yellow

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