How to Make Silhouettes with the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

When I received the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer from Crayola to review my mind raced with all the amazing ideas of things I could make with it.  I wanted to make something really fun with my kiddos they could keep for a long time. They both loved them so much they put them above their beds.

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A friend of mine had silhouettes of her kids on her wall and I thought it would be perfect to have the kids make their own silhouettes with the Air Marker Sprayer.

For this activity we used
  • Canvas
  • Crayola markers
  • Masking tape (I know I show double side, but we had to change to masking tape because it did not stick to the canvas), 
  • Printout of their silhouette
  • Crayola Airbrush Sprayer (Click here to find on Amazon)

We cut out the kid's silhouettes and taped it to the canvas.  Then we put in our favorite colors and used the Airbrush Sprayer to create all the fun colors around their head.  We also could have done it the opposite way where they fill their heads in with the colors from the sprayer.  The possibilities are endless.  Here is a video of how we made our silhouettes.

I also have a Cricut Explore Air.  The possibilities are endless with these two gadgets. I can create any stencil I want, and will definitely in the future.  I am going to use the Sprayer for projects and for preschool activities with adult supervision.

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