3 Count Shopkins Themed Crayola Pip Squeaks Markers: What's Inside the Box

I found out about the Shopkins Themed Crayola Pip Squeaks Markers earlier this year.  They were first sold at Toys R Us.  Unfortunately I am located in the middle of the country and my Toys R Us gets toys later than the east coast.  It took several months to find these markers and when they came in they did not have the whole set.  I found the rest at Michael's.  Unfortunately Michael's charges almost twice as much for them.  I asked if they would price match, but they said they do not price match with Toy's R Us just the other craft stores.  I explained to them how much more they were and they finally relented.  I am so excited to have the whole set and so is my daughter!  Here you go.  They are so much fun.  I love their themes.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 3 Crayola Shopkins Pip Squeaks Themed Markers: Cupcake Chic, D'Lish Donut, Kookie Cookie, Lippy Lips, Poppy Corn, Strawberry Kiss
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: Cupcake Chic: Baby Bunny Pink, Fuzzy Duckling, Blue Jay, D'Lish Donut: Raspberry Squirt, Parakeet Blue, Grape, Kookie Cookie: Desert Flower, Jelly Bean Blue, Mini Brown, Lippy Lips: Petal Pink, Canary Yellow, Sweet Violet, Poppy Corn: Cherry Red, Sweet Pea Green, Rain Drop Blue, Strawberry Kiss: Firefly Red, Golden Nugget, Leaf Green
Purchase Information: Toy's R Us and Michaels
Where to buy: Toy's R Us and Michaels or Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers:  58-5213 (Cupcake Chic), 58-5211 (D'Lish Donut), 58-5210 (Kookie Cookie), 58-5214-0-300 (Lippy Lips), 58-5212 (Poppy Corn), 58-5209 (Strawberry Kiss)
Code Numbers: 58-5213-0-300 (Cupcake Chic), 58-5211-0-300 (D'Lish Donut), 58-5210-0-300 (Kookie Cookie), 58-5214-0-300(Lippy Lips), 58-5212-0-300 (Poppy Corn), 58-5209-0-300 (Strawberry Kiss)
UPC Numbers: 071662052133 (Cupcake Chic), 07166215211 (D'Lish Donut), 071662152109 (Kookie Cookie), 071662052140 (Lippy Lips), 071662452124 (Poppy Corn), 071662152093 (Strawberry Kiss)
Patent: US 5968241

2016 Crayola Shopkins Pip Squeaks Markers
2016 Back of the Shopkins Markers

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