8 Count Finding Dory Themed Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

I first saw the Finding Dory themed Crayola crayons online this summer. A fellow collector had found them at Michael's. I went to Michael's and found all four boxes and some matching markers.  I was super excited!  The crayon boxes feature the characters: Hank, Dory, Nemo and Destiny. These are perfect for kiddos, who love the Finding Dory movie.  They are a bit more expensive at Michael's than themed boxes would be other places.  Make sure to catch them on a sale.  I have not found them at other stores yet, that does not mean they will not show up.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Themed Finding Dory Crayons: Dory, Destiny, Hank, and Nemo
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: Dory: fuchsia, macaroni and cheese, yellow, jungle green, cerulean, glitter blue crayon, shadow, razzmic berry, Destiny: carnation pink, orchid, plum, aquamarine, steel blue, navy blue, deep space sparkle, white, Hank: maroon, red glitter crayon, alloy orange, red orange, apricot, banana mania, inchworm, robin's egg blue, and Nemo: burnt sienna, orange, orange glitter crayon, dandelion, caribbean green, sky blue, b'dazzled blue, black
Purchase Information: Michaels
Where to buy: Michaels, eBay
Style Numbers:  52-4394 (Dory), 52-4399 (Destiny), 52-4397 (Hank), and 52-4395 (Nemo)
Code Numbers: 52-4394-0-200 (Dory), 52-4399-0-200 (Destiny), 52-4397-0-200 (Hank), and 52-4395-0-200 (Nemo)
UPC Numbers: 071662043940 (Dory), 071662043995 (Destiny), 071662043971 (Hank), and 071662043957 (Nemo)

2016 Finding Dory Themed Crayola Crayons-Dory

2016 Finding Dory Themed Crayola Crayons-Hank

2016 Finding Dory Themed Crayola Crayons-Destiny
2016 Finding Dory Themed Crayola Crayons-Nemo

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