How to Get Every Sharpie Marker Color

Do want to get every Sharpie marker color out there? I have been searching for months for just that.  I have complied this list complete list of Sharpie marker colors and what box they all come in. What did I learn? The color surf and sky blue are extremely rare. I also learned after all my searching that Sharpie needs to release a box with all of their colors in it with the names on the markers. It is so painful, expensive and frustrating having to look for each color. But I have done it and hopefully it will help make it less painful for you.

Check out this post to see all the hex colors and what each box colors look like.

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The best way to get every color would be to pick up the 115 Ultimate Collection, Metallic pack, Mystic Gems 24, Color Burst 24 and Cosmic Color 24. There are some specialty packs that contain some rare colors, but these are only available for a short time and not consistent. If one of those is picked up use this chart to see what is still needed.

The chart along with a swatch chart can be downloaded here.

Click here to get swatch charts for all the Sharpie Markers.

This is the swatch chart that comes with this list. Once this is filled out you will have every Sharpie color out there!  I decided not to pick up the sky blue color because I have a stinking suspicion it is the same as sky. But I could be wrong. 

Good luck finding them all!

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  1. Sky Blue is the same as Sky, confirmed by Sharpie Agent email reply. All the Specialty packs the main feature is either Cosmic 5 or Neon 5 or Color Burst 5 as their main feature, and the rest is 3 colors off in variety packs. My local art store sells all the Sharpie single for $2 ea and Valley Girl/Techno & Nano Blue for $3 and Neon Blue for $4. $3 - $4 for a Sharpie I can get a Posca or Copic