45 Count Ultimate Collection Sharpie Permanent Markers

The 45 Count Ultimate Collection of Sharpie Permanent Markers contains some very unique colors such as venus green jupiter red. It contains 25 fine and 20 ultra fine markers that have names. Sharpie markers do not have the name on actual marker, but the name of the marker is on the side of the Sharpie box. It is a little bit expensive, but so worth it to me to get those unique colors.

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Here is the side of the box with all the colors the case contains.

 Here is the swatches of all the colors both Fine and Ultra Fine. I put the Fine on the left side and the Ultra Fine on the left.

Color Information

What's inside the box:

  • black, celestial gray, slate gray, dark matter gray, lilac, purple, intergalactic indigo, navy, blue, aqua, green, galaxy green, lime, martian green, venus green, yellow, orange, orion orange, solar flare red, red, pink lemonade, magenta, brown, rocket fuel red, jupiter red
Ultra Fine
  • black, celestial gray, dark matter gray, valley girl violet, boysenberry, intergalactic indigo, blue ice, sky, galaxy green, mint, venus green, martian green, banana clip yellow, tangerine, peach, solar flare red, orion orange, rocket fuel red, pink, jupiter red
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Here are the markers arranged in color order. I wrote the name of the color on the sharpie with an ultra fine black Sharpie to help me know which color it is especially if they end up getting mix with other Sharpies.

Fine Tip Markers

Ultra Fine Tip Markers

Here is the outer part of the box and the top of the box with the collecting information.

Collecting Information

This is a great box to collect since it contains many of the markers, especially rare ones.

Boxes: Sharpie Permanent Markers, The Ultimate Collection 45 Count
Other Boxes: There is a 72 and 115 Ultimate Collection of Sharpie Markers
Year: 2020
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  1. I don't particularly like markers in general, but I make an exception for Sharpies. I remember as a kid realizing how much slicker and nicer a Sharpie felt vs. Crayola markers on many surfaces. I'm tempted by this set, but I wouldn't ever properly use it. That's a variety of very pretty colors, when I don't often buy Sharpies that aren't black. Venus Green wouldn't be a good garage Sharpie. Somebody could make a bathroom stall look like a psychedelic album cover pretty quick with that set, though.