State Crayon Collection: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola State Crayon Collection was released in 2004. Crayola held a contest to name the 64 box colors after the states in the United States. The description on the back of the box says, "Introducing the first-ever Crayola State Crayons!  Named by crayon fans from Alaska to Wyoming an every state in between.  Each color proudly stand for one of the 50 states.  Joining the 50 state colors in this limited-edition 'State your Color' Crayola 64 Box are 12 all-American hues a 'Cherry Blossom' crayon for Washington, D.C. and a color for Puerto Rico." I was so excited to find these crayons on eBay.  I love the combination of states and colors!

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Front of the box

Collecting Information
Boxes: 64 Count Crayola State Crayon Collection
Year: 2004
What's inside the box: Alabama Heart of Dixie, Alaska Kodiak Bear Brown, Arizona Grand Tanyon, Arkansas Hog Wild Red, California Sacro-mint-o, Colorado Pikes Peak Purple, Connecticut Nutmeg, Delaware First State Fuchsia, Florida Alligator Alley, Georgia Sweet Georgia Peach, Hawaii Aloha Aquamarie, Idaho Tater Tan, Illinois Abe Lincoln's Hat, Indiana Indianappleous Red, Iowa A-maize-ing Iowa, Kansas Yellow Brick Road, Kentucky Fort Knox Gold, Louisiana Cajun Crawfish Orange, Maine Lobster Red, Maryland Francis Scott Kiwi, Massachusetts Boston Tea Party, Michigan Motown Blues, Minnesota 10,000 Lakes of Blue, Mississippi Mississippi Mud Pie, Missouri Archway Gray, Montana Big Sky, Nebraska Cornhusker Yellow, Nevada Las Vegas Lights, New Hampshire Old Man Granite Gray, New Jersey Boardwalk, New Mexico Chile Pepper Red, New York, Lady Liberty, North Carolina Grape Hatteras, North Dakota Wild Prairie Rose, Ohio Rock 'n Roll Raspberry, Oklahoma Panhandle Paintbrush, Oregon Oregon Trail, Pennsylvania Independence Indigo, Puerto Rico Cogul Green, Rhode Island Newport Jazzberry Festival, South Carolina Palmetto, South Dakota Remarkable Mount Rushmore, Tennessee Tennesienna, Texas Alamo a la mode, Utah Bee-Utah-ful, Vermont Maple Syrup, Virginia Williamsburgundy, Washington, D.C Cherry Blossom, Washington Space Needle, West Virginia Coal  Miner, Wisconsin Moovalous Cheese, Wyoming Yellowstone, Fruited Plains, Amber Waves of Grain, Sea to Shining Sea, America the Blue-tiful, Yankee Doodle Dandelion, Mom's Apple Pie, Orange You Glad You're in America?, Greenback, Dawn's Early Light, Rockets' Red Glare, Purple Mountain's Majesty, Land of the Free
Purchase information: eBay in 2012
Where to buy: eBay or 2nd hand stores
Style Number: 52-0064
Code Number: 52-0064-0-220
UPC: 071662000646

State Your Color Wrapper

The Crayons Inside the Box, look above for crayon names

State Your Collection Box

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  1. Hello Jenny, this is an awesome site! I love crayons and I loveeee STATES! awesome, you go girl! :)