Crayola Minions Crayons and Pip•Squeaks Markers

To say the Minions movie is promoting the movie is an understatement.  They are way promoting their movie.  I have seen Minions inspired products everywhere!  Toys, Play-Doh, Crayola Alive, anything marketed for a kid they have it.  Disney really needs to learn a thing or two about the marketing.  They did not have any Frozen items available, not a lot of Big Hero 6 items available when the movies were released.  They could have made millions with all the merchandising. And I am sure my daughter would have eaten up Crayola Alive with any sort of Disney character.

Universal Studios partnered with Target and Crayola to release a special line of crayon and Pip•Squeaks boxes. They along the same lines as the Target Pick Your Pack Boxes and Walmart Tip Collection boxes.  The marker boxes do not have names, but coordinate with the matching crayon boxes.  The markers have pictures of all the Minions on them.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Minions Crayons, 3 Count Crayola Minion Pip-Squeaks
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: Crayon colors here! ( I had to split it up so it would not take up too much space and slow down the web page)
Crayons: ancient egypt, british invasion, cro-minion, eye matie, gone batty, prehistoric, rock&roll, vive le minion
eye, matie: Denim Patch, Toy Poodle Black, Banana Bonanza
vive le minion: Kitten Gray, Tiny Plum, Banana Bonanza
british invasion: Firefly Red, Itty Bitty Blue, Banana Bonanza
gone, batty: Grape, Little Boy Blue, Banana Bonanza
prehistoric: Baby Fir Green, Banana Bonanza, Copper Penny
rock&roll: Banana Bonaza, Raspberry Squirt, Jelly Bean Blue
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Target, Amazon (markers), Amazon Crayons, eBay (crayons), eBay (markers)
UPC:  Markers: 071662452063 (eye matie), 071662452070 (vive le minion), 071662452032 (british invasion), 071662452056 (gone, batty), 071662452018 (prehistoric), 071662452087 (rock&roll)

The newest Crayola color banana bonanza

2015 8 Count Crayola Minions Crayons

2015 3 Count Crayola Minion Pip-Squeaks

british invasion, eye matie, gone batty, prehistoric, rock&roll, vive le minion

british invasion, eye matie, gone batty, prehistoric, rock&roll, vive le minion

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