Crayola Meltdown Crayons Art Set: What's Inside the Box

Melted crayon art is very popular right now. It is also all over Pinterest.  My art piece features a  silhouette of a figure and all around them is the melted crayons. 

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In 2012 Crayola produced the Meltdown crayon series and released the crayons at Walmart.  I heard about them, but never found them in stores. I later found them online, but did not want to pay 5-6 dollars a box plus shipping.  I was ecstatic to find that JoAnn Fabrics was selling them this year online and on sale. Double bonus.  I ordered them all.  I also found this Meltdown Art Set box at Michaels.  It only includes 2 unique boxes even though it says 24 crayons.  The art set box is the same as a 120 crayon box.  I took the paint out and put all 12 Meltdown boxes inside.  I love that they can all be together in this very unique looking box.  I put pictures of all the sides just because I was so impressed with the box design.  I can not wait to do some meltdown art with the canvases.  I will not be using the crayons that came with it, but will probably pick up a 96 count box, find the colors from the boxes and do some art that way.  Look for this art project later this year after I get all my collection put up on here :)  

Collecting Information
Boxes: 2012 8 Count Crayola Meltdown Crayons, 2014 Crayola Meltdown Art Set
Year: 2012 Crayons, 2014 Art Set
What's inside the box: 
Meltdown Art Set
24 Crayons, 2 White Canvases, 1 Black Canvas, Tape, Paintbrush, 6 Washable Paint Pots with Pearl FX
Purchase Information: Crayons, JoAnn's; Art Set, Michaels in 2015
Where to buy: Amazon (Meltdown Art Set), eBay, Currently both the crayons and the art set are available at the places I purchased them, but I do not know how long they will be available.
Style Number:  52-4202 (Neon Soup), 52-4200 (Runny Rainbow),  52-0022 (Art Set)
Code Numbers:  52-4202-0-200 (Neon Soup), 52-4200-0-200 (Runny Rainbow), 52-0022-0-200 (Art Set)
UPC: 071662520229

2014 Crayola Meltdown Art Set

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