28 Count Crayola Oil Pastels: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Oil Pastels came out in 1999. I received these Crayola Oil Pastels as a gift and I love them, even though say that about everything I write.  I like that they make strong lines with out having to press too hard.  You can also blend two colors to make a new color. On the back of the box it also suggests to do rubbings with a textured object behind it or to color with light colors, cover with dark colors and scratch out patterns.  My one advisory to parents is that they are not stain resistant.  Do not use them with younger children.

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This is the first 28 count box Crayola made of the oil pastels.  Oil pastels are usually an art supply used by professional artists.  Crayola does have a professional line, the Portfolio Series.  They probably borrowed these from that line to introduce them to kids.  Crayola continues to make these pastels in 16 and 28 count box sizes. They are considered by Crayola to be crayons having the 52- style number. I really like the box design too, it comes with a lid and is very easy to store.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 28 Crayola Oil Pastels
Other Boxes: Later iterations of 28 oil pastels, 16 count pastels (code number 52-4616-0-200,201)
Year: 1999
What's inside the box: goldenrod, yellow green, sea green, silver, peach, gray, violet, midnight blue, pink, blue, orange, red violet, brown, white, gold, red orange, red, apricot, skyblue, blue violet, brick red, black, yellow orange, yellow, green yellow, green, forest green, blue green
Purchase Information: Unknown, gift
Where to buy:  eBay, Amazon, any store that sells Crayola products
Style Number: 52-4628
Code Numbers: 52-4628-0-200
UPC: 071662046286

1999 28 Oil Pastels


  1. Not sure if you still follow your blog so here goes. Do you know if this 28-set contains any neon colours. There seems to be a 12 set of pastels that are neon however I don’t know if this is a new product since you wrote his blog entry. Thanks!

  2. Mix all the colors to create a STINKY color