5 Count Crayola Window Crayons: What's Inside the Box

The colors in the Crayola window crayons are a lot more vibrant than the window markers and are very fun to use. The red also colors more like a pink which my daughter loves.

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We first used the Crayola window crayons when they came in the My Color Is boxes.  At the time I did not realize they did not make the crayons in pink, orange, and purple.  I let my two year old son use them and he went a little crazy with them.   However they get damaged quickly by a two year old and I regretted letting him use the collectible colors.  I bought this box for him to use. His favorite thing is to bang the crayons and leave crayon shavings on the window.  He also thought he could draw on the walls and the floors.  Fortunately a little window cleaner left on for a minute or so got rid of these stains. I was lucky walls are more porous and can absorb the color, but it did not.  The window crayons are a lot like the slick stix and tips go down quickly like lipstick. They also flake off when on the window onto clothes and everything else. I found myself walking on chunks of crayons later. It takes a while to take them off the window, many many quirts and paper towels, but it did come off. For these reasons I would recommend these crayons for responsible kids, my daughter, 4 is responsible and handled them well.  I would let the two year old use the window markers instead.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola 5 Window Crayons
Other Boxes: My Color Is boxes
Year: 2009
What's inside the box: Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue
Purchase Information: Crayola Store
Where to buy:  Staples, Crayola Store, Toys R Us, Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers: 52-9765
Code Numbers: 52-9765-0-200
UPC: 071662097653
Manufacturing Location: Korea

2009 5 Window Crayons

I used the window crayons for an activity associated with the Crayola webinar Champion Creativity: The Power of Art-Infused Education through edWeb. During the webinar, they really emphasized how art helps build critical thinking skills especially during the early years. Critical thinking is not about remembering things or finding the right answer.  It is about using the 4 C's, "Challenge, Compare & Contrast, Connect, and Create".  We used our critical thinking skills to make the creatures with dough and the window markers. They are called Heart-La-La-La-La's and are a family sitting on a couch.  The yellow thing is a tree and one of them is swimming and the rest are watching them.  The green circle is a field. I am really excited to use some of the tools I learned during this webinar during preschool this next year and help facilitate activities for the kids to use the 4 C's.

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  1. Window crayons are bright and creamy like regular crayons, whereas window markers use ink to produce vivid and simple markings. They can be erased and are simple to use.