8 Count Crayola Minion Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Universal Studios partnered with Target and Crayola to release a special line of Minion themed crayon and Pip•Squeaks boxes in 2015. They along the same lines as the Target Pick Your Pack Boxes and Walmart Tip Collection boxes.  I have described the overall set in another post, but split it up because there are so many pictures. This post shows what's inside all the Crayola Crayon minion boxes.

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The crayon boxes each feature a them with corresponding crayons.  My favorite description is the british invasion referencing the Beatles.  On the back of the box it says, "Colorful chorus of 'yeah, yeah, yeah!' " referencing the Beatles classic song, "Because She Loves You".  Each box has the new color banana bonanza, at least I think it is new because I have not seen it before.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Minions Crayons: ancient egypt, british invasion, cro-minion, eye matie, gone batty, prehistoric, rock&roll, vive le minion
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: 
ancient egypt-gray, black, desert sand, raw sienna, banana bonanza, turquoise blue, wild blue wonder, orchid, british invasion-periwinkle, denim, navy blue, dandelion, banana bonanza, scarlet, salmon, radical red, cro-minion-burnt orange, beaver, fuzzy wuzzy, tan, brown, banana bonanza, almond, black, eye matie-silver, brick red, midnight blue, banana bonanza, asparagus, black, shadow, sepia, gone batty-purple mountains' majesty, purple heart, outer space, blue glitter crayon, white, manatee, scarlet, banana bonanza, prehistoric-sky blue, wisteria, pine green, yellow green, olive green, banana bonanza, maroon, cosmogony, rock&roll-hot magenta, robin's egg blue, banana bonanza, cornflower, gray, plum, razzmatazz, macaroni and cheese, vive le minion-banana bonanza, banana mania, red, beaver, blue, denim, timberwolf, white
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy:  Target, Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers: 52-4382 (ancient egypt), 52-4381 (british invasion), 52-4380 (cro-minion), 52-4384 (eye matie), 52-4383 (gone batty), 52-4379 (prehistoric), 52-4386 (rock&roll), 52-4385 (vive le minion)
Code Numbers: 52-4382-0-200 (ancient egypt), 52-4381-0-200 (british invasion), 52-4380-0-200 (cro-minion), 52-4384-0-200 (eye matie), 52-4383-0-200 (gone batty), 52-4379-0-200 (prehistoric), 52-4386-0-200 (rock&roll), 52-4385-0-200 (vive le minion)
UPC: 071662043827 (ancient egypt), 071662043810 (british invasion), 071662043803 (cro-minion), 071662043841 (eye matie), 071662043834 (gone batty), 071662043797 (prehistoric), 071662043865 (rock&roll), 071662043858 (vive le minion)

2015 Minion Crayon Boxes
ancient egypt, british invasion, cro-minion, eye matie, gone batty, prehistoric, rock&roll, vive le minion

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  1. Probably not expecting a review of these 8 years later, but I wanted to say thank you. I have these and wanted to sort them by pack and this was very helpful.