Star Wars Collectible Crayon Tins: What's Inside the Box

I present the Crayola Star Wars Crayons 64 count boxes and tins.  These boxes came out on September 4, 2015, #SharetheForce day.  That hashtag is actually the hash tag from Target and these boxes are not available there.  All the stores had a huge day and released all their Star Wars merchandise on the same day.  I do not know why it was so early, the movie does not come out until December.  They could have waited for a couple of months, but I suspect it is because they wanted to get the Star Wars toys out there for Christmas season.  And of course it was the 4th because May the 4th has become May the Force be with you do, with every one and their dog posting pictures about Star Wars that day.  

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These boxes are similar to the Star Wars 64 count boxes sold on their own, but do not have as many unique things about them, which is ironic because they are sold in the collectible tin and priced a lot higher at many stores.  This is one set I wish I would have shopped around for.  I bought it at Kohl's, but by the time I decided they were cheaper elsewhere it was past the 30 minute mark Kohl's gives you to change your mind.  I found out later they were selling for about 6 dollars at, instead of the 17 at Kohl's.  Ouch.  This price discrepancy comes about because Crayola does not suggest a MSRP, the stores can choose their own price.

What is unique about these boxes?  The colors are the standard colors in a standard 64 count box, but the wrappers on 8 of the crayons, the primary and secondary colors, and black and brown come in a black wrapper for the Star Wars theme.  The box features Star Wars wrapping, but I like the box design of the other crayons better. The tins feature an insert that is given an individual code number.  The boxes feature the 04 style code family instead of 52 for crayons.  04 is usually used for art kits and compilations of products.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 64 Crayola Darth Vader Tin and Crayons, 64 Crayola Storm Trooper Tin and Crayons
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: 
Both Boxes: apricot, asparagus, bittersweet, black, blue, blue green, blue violet, brick red, brown, burnt orange, burnt sienna, cadet blue, carnation pink, cerulean, chestnut, cornflower, dandelion, forest green, gold, goldenrod, granny smith apple, gray, green, green yellow, indigo, lavender, macaroni and cheese, magenta, mahogany, mauvelous, melon, olive green, orange, orchid, pacific blue, peach, periwinkle, plum, purple mountains' majesty, raw sienna, red, red orange, red violet, robin's egg blue, salmon, scarlet, sea green, sepia, silver, sky blue, spring green, tan, tickle me pink, timberwolf, tumbleweed, turquoise blue, violet (purple), violet red, white , wild strawberry, wisteria, yellow green, yellow orange, yellow
Purchase Information: Kohl's and Target
Where to buy: Kohl's, Amazon (Darth Vader), Amazon (Storm Trooper), eBay,
Style Numbers: 04-6848 (Storm Trooper Tin and Star Wars insert inside tin), 04-6849 (Darth Vader Tin and crayons)
Code Numbers: 04-6848-0-100 (Star Wars insert inside tin), 04-6848-0-200 (Storm Trooper Tin Box of Crayons), 04-6848-0-300 (Storm Troopers tin), 04-6849-0-200 (Darth Vader Tin Box of Crayons), 04-6849-0-300 (Darth Vader Tin), 52-1182-0-200 (Storm Trooper)
UPC: 071662068493 (Darth Vader), 071662068486 (Storm Trooper)

2015 64 Darth Vader Tin and Crayons

2015 64 Storm Tropper Tin and Crayons

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