8 Count Crayola Tip Collection Halloween Boxes: What's Inside the Boxes

This is the Tip Collection line of boxes sold exclusively at Walmart. Who is Tip you ask? On the back the 2014 64 count box it says Tip is "more of a spirit than a person. In fact he so loved the creative energy in kids that he decided to take the form of a Crayola Crayon way back in 1903." That is the same year the first Crayola crayon was made!

They came out with these a couple years in 2013 after the Target "Pick Your Pack" boxes debuted.  I have to admit I like collecting these ones slightly better. I like that these boxes are colored coordinated and they feature Tip on the box. I used to be obsessed with organizing my crayons by color.

This is the special Halloween edition of the Tip Collection.

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Collecting Information
8 Count Crayola Tip Collection Crayons: Bewitched, Bony Bodies, Fang-Tastic!, Full Moon, Goon Lagoon, It's Alive!, Mummified, Once Bitten
Year: 2013
What's inside the box: 
Bewitched-goldenrod, screamin' green, wisteria, burnt orange, black, yellow orange, plum, scarlet
Bony Bodies-silver, black, white, outer space, timberwolf, cadet blue, almond, gray
Fang-Tastic!-gray, maroon, bittersweet, black, inchworm, midnight blue, white, red
Full Moon-midnight blue, forest green, beaver, timberwolf, yellow, brown, brick red, outer space
Goon Lagoon-aquamarine, blue green, yellow green, pine green, jungle green, green, olive green, shawow
It's Alive!-silver, screamin' green, sea green, antique brass, asparagus, black, green yellow, electric lime
Mummified-gold, gray, copper, antique brass, white, brown, desert sand, tumbleweed
Once Bitten-olive green, brick red, salmon, mahogany, green yellow, white, apricot, gray
Purchase information: Walmart
Where to buy: eBay and Amazon
Style Number: 
52-4513(Bewitched), 52-4516 (Bony Bodies), 52-4512 (Fang-Tastic!), 52-4515 (Full Moon), 52-4510 (Goon Lagoon), 52-4514 (It's Alive!), Mummified, 52-451 (Once Bitten)
Code Number: 52-4513-0-200 (Bewitched), 52-4516-0-200 (Bony Bodies), 52-4512-0-200 (Fang-Tastic!), 52-4515-0-200 (Full Moon), 52-4510-0-200 (Goon Lagoon), 52-4514-0-200 (It's Alive!), Mummified, 52-4511-0-200 (Once Bitten)
UPC: 071662145118 (Once Bitten), 071662145125 (Fang-Tastic!), 071662145170 (Mummified), 071662125149 (It's Alive!), 071662145156 (Full Moon), 071662145101 (Goon Lagoon), 071662145132 (Bewitched), 071662145163 (Bony Bodies)

2013 8 Halloween Tip Collection Crayons

Back of the Tip Collection Boxes
Once Bitten, Fang-Tastic!, Mummified, It's Alive!, Full Moon, Goon Lagoon, Bewitched, Bony Bodies  

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  1. Are the packs temporary or permenent because i would save up to buy these but dont know if they are still sale or not.