8 Count Crayola Window Markers: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Window Markers came out in 2001 and are still being manufactured. Originally they were packaged in a zippered bag. The marker is applied to the window and the color is very vibrant. To remove the ink I use window cleaner.

My husband bought me the Crayola Window Markers a few years back.  I loved them and used them often.  Eventually however after many years of use they no longer work.  I threw away the ones that did not work, and kept a few that did.  Now these ones do not work.  I am going to keep them, just for the collection.  I love them a lot.  The new ones do not seem to write as dark and I prefer the windows crystal effects markers or windows crayons. Even though the colors names are the same.  I wonder if they are the same ones and I am just remembering how they draw differently. It is interesting that they are marked as washable, but have a stain advisement on the back.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Crayola Window Markers, Crayola Window FX Washable Markers
Year: 2001, 2013
Other Boxes: There are boxes in between these boxes, but I think the plastic bagged one is the first
What's inside the box: 
2001 Markers; Window White, Radiant Rose, Opaque Orange, Sunny Yellow, Vivid Blue, Smoky Slate, Shady Brown
2013 Markers; Radiant Rose, Vivid Blue, Glistening Green, Window White, Opaque Orange, Smoky Slate, Sunny Yellow, Shady Brown
Purchase information: Crayola Store
Where to buy: www.crayola.com, Walmart, Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers: 58-8165
Code Numbers: 58-8165-0-900 (2001) 58-8165-0-202 (2013)
UPC: 071662081652 (2001), 071662081652 (2013)
Patents: 5,116,410 Washable dye-containing composition; 5,968,241 Washable coloring composition; 6,174,938 Water-based coloring compositions containing submicron polymeric particles 

8 2013 Window Markers

8 2001 Window Markers

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