8 Count Crayola Meltdown Crayons: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Meltdown boxes came out in 2012. I missed the Crayola Meltdown boxes the first time they were available.  They were only available at Walmart and select Walmarts at that. Sadly, my Walmart did not have them. They were made because melting crayons had become very popular. They are some of my favorite design of boxes. The boxes feature themed colors and melted crayons on the box.

 I thought I had lost the opportunity to get these forever, unless I wanted to pay an arm and leg on eBay.  I bought a few of the boxes at Michaels which came in a Meltdown art set.  I bought it just for those boxes, yes.  A few weeks later I saw that they were available at JoAnn Fabrics and online, even better.  A lot of times collectible crayons are not available online. Crayons are so cheap many stores like Target do not even put some of them on their website.  I immediately picked up the boxes, and an extra set.  I am so excited to have them all.  I LOVE the box design.  And I love the color combinations inside the box.

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These boxes started the same year, 2012 as the Pick Your Pack boxes at Target.  It was Walmart's themed box.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Meltdown Crayons: Blue Fondue, Bubblin' Sun, Cloud Burst, Glamour Ooze, Lime Slime, Magenta Melt, Molten Metal, Neon Soup, Oozie Smoothie, Runny Rainbow, Sundae Slide, Streamin' Green
Year: 2012
What's inside the box: 
Blue Fondue-robin's egg blue, aquamarine, turquoise blue, blue green, cerulean, blue, pacific blue, midnight blue
Bubblin' Sun-red, scarlet, red orange, vivid tangerine, neon carrot, macaroni and cheese, sunglow, unmellow yellow
Cloud Burst-deep space sparkle, outer space, navy blue, indigo, sky blue, wild blue yonder, silver manatee
Glamour Ooze-pink glitter crayon, red glitter crayon, orange glitter crayon, yellow glitter crayon, green glitter crayon, blue glitter crayon, turquoise glitter crayon 
Lime Slime-spring green, green yellow, inchworm, electric lime, screamin' green, yellow green, sheen green, green glitter crayon, purple glitter crayon
Magenta Melt-plum, wisteria, fuschia, cerise, purple pizzazz, jazzberry jam, razzmatazz, pink sherbert
Molten Metal-alloy orange, big dip o ruby, bittersweet shimmer, metallic sunburst, illuminating emerald, metallic seaweed, b' dazzled blue, cyber grape
Neon Soup-carnation pink, shocking pink, melon, outrageous orange, atomic tangerine, laser lemon, shamrock, sky blue
Oozie Smoothie-sunset orange, orange, yellow orange, dandelion, yellow, goldenrod, purple mountains' majesty, orchid
Runny Rainbow-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (purple), white
Sundae Slide-apricot, peach, burnt orange, mahogany, fuzzy wuzzy, brick red, tickle me pink, wild watermelon
Streamin' Green-inchworm, yellow green, granny smith apple, mountain meadow, green, pine green, tropical rain forest, jungle green
Purchase Information: JoAnn fabric store
Style Numbers:  52-4209 (Blue Fondue), 52-4204 (Bubblin' Sun), 52-5210 (Cloud Burst), 52-4303 (Glamour Ooze), 52-4207 (Lime Slime), 52-4206 (Magenta Melt), 52-4201 (Molten Metal), 52-4202 (Neon Soup), 52-4205 (Oozie Smoothie), 52-4200 (Runny Rainbow), 52.4211 (Sundae Slide), 52.4208 (Streamin' Green)
Code Numbers: 52-4209-0-200 (Blue Fondue), 52-4204-0-200 (Bubblin' Sun), 52-5210-0-200 (Cloud Burst), 52-4303-0-200 (Glamour Ooze), 52-4207-0-200 (Lime Slime), 52-4206-0-200 (Magenta Melt), 52-4201-0-200 (Molten Metal), 52-4202-0-200 (Neon Soup), 52-4205-0-200 (Oozie Smoothie), 52-4200-0-200 (Runny Rainbow), 52-4211-0-200 (Sundae Slide), 52-4208-0-200 (Streamin' Green)
UPC: 071662142094 (Blue Fondue), 071662442040 (Bubblin' Sun), 07166224107 (Cloud Burst), 071662042004 (Glamour Ooze), 071662142070 (Lime Slime), 071662242060 (Magenta Melt), 071662342036 (Molten Metal, 071662442026 (Neon Soup), 071662242053 (Oozie Smoothie), 071662042004 (Runny Rainbow), 071662042110 (Sundae Slide), 071662142087 (Streamin' Green)

2012 8 Crayola Meltdown Crayons

2012 8 Crayola Meltdown Crayons-Back of the box
Blue Fondue, Bubblin' Sun, Cloud Burst, Glamour Ooze, Lime Slime, Magenta Melt, Molten Metal, Neon Soup, Oozie Smoothie, Runny Rainbow, Sundae Slide, Streamin' Green

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