8 Count Crayola Shopkins Themed Crayons: What's Inside the Box

 I was so excited to find the Crayola Shopkins themed boxes at Toy R Us.  I saw people had found them there and went to Toys R Us that night.  At first I could not find the cookie box, and had two kids running wild, but I looked a little hard around the store and there they were.  I think there are matching coloring books supposedly, but I could not spot them.

I first heard about Shopkins a couple months ago.  They are super BIG and popular with the elementary crowd. I was at a birthday party and the birthday girl got them for her birthday. In each package there's a surprise, kind of like cabbage patch dolls back in the day. There are people that dedicate YouTube channels just to show the surprise as they open them.

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It is interesting that the Shopkins boxes are labeled as 2016 and it is only 2015.  I hope this means there are more themed boxes out there.  The last themed boxes had the style codes 4386, the minion boxes, and these start at 4392, what other 6 boxes are out there?

Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Shopkins Themed Boxes, Kooky Cookie's Kool Colors and Poppy Corn's Rock 'N Pop Colors
Year: 2016
Other Boxes: None known
What's inside the box: 
Kooky Cookies box: fuzzy wuzzy, red glitter crayon, magenta, macaroni and cheese, dandelion, screamin' green, blue glitter crayon, black
Poppy Corn's box: white glitter crayon, tickle me pink, red orange glitter crayon, brick red, banana mania, granny smith apple, sky blue, royal purple
Purchase Information: Toys R Us
Where to buy: Toys R Us or Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers: 52-4392 (Kooky Cookie's box), 52-4393 (Poppy Corn's box)
Code Numbers: 52-4392-0-200 (Kooky Cookie's box), 52-4393-0-200 (Poppy Corn's box)
UPC: 071662043926 (Kooky Cookies), 071662043923

2016 8 Shopkins Kooky Cookie's Kool Colors

2016 8  Poppy Corn's Rock 'N Pop Colors


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