8 Count Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers: What's Inside the Box

My daughter absolutely loves the Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers.  These markers are different than the regular window markers.  When used they do not show up very well.  After they warm up they crystallize.  I can definitely see why they put Olaf on the front of the box for the newer series.  Though they really should have put Elsa, she was the one that froze things.  Regardless, my daughter loves them.  She loves Frozen and loves these markers.  During the winter they crystallize slower and during the summer they crystallize quicker.  The finished product depends on how the marker is held and how the stroke is applied.  I think they are a little easier to use for kiddos when it is a little colder.  That way they can color more.  I will definitely include some pictures of the process and maybe even a little video soon.

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The patent is not printed on the box like other cool effect products.  I will research the patent name if I can find it and include a brief explanation of the scientific process.
It is interesting that the style numbers were changed for the two different boxes.  That usually happens when there is a product formulation change.  The color names stayed the same.  I will look at the colors side by side on the window and see if there is a difference.  It also could be a subtle change that is not noticeable when drawing with them.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Washable Crayola Crystal Effects Window Markers, 2014 box features Olaf from Frozen
Year: 2012, 2014
Other Boxes: 
What's inside the box: Cocoa Quartz, Pink Snowflake, Orange Frost, Lemon Ice, Green Glacier, Blue Diamond, Cracklin' Rose, Crystal Clear
Purchase Information: Staples
Where to buy: Amazon (original), Amazon (Olaf), eBay any place that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 58-8174 (2012), 58-8188 (2014)
Code Numbers: 58-8174-0-200 (2012), 58-8188-0-200 (2014)
UPC: 071662081744 (Original), 071662081881 (Olaf)

2012 8 Crystal Effects Window Markers

2014 8 Crystal Effects Window Markers


  1. You can learn a bit about the science behind the crystal formation in these markers at this link: https://www.chemedx.org/blog/chemistry-and-crayola

    1. Thanks so much for your informative post. I love learning about the science behind Crayola products. Have you tried looking for the patent for these markers? I do have it listed because it was not on the back of the box. But they are very thorough and would probably say if sodium acetate was in the marker.