Crayola My Way: What's Inside the Boxes

These are the Crayola My Way personalized crayons boxes.  I wrote a whole review here. This post is going to focus on what what is inside the box and what they mean to the collecting world.

I received one or more of the products or services in this post below for free. I am providing my honest review of the items.
What do these boxes mean for the world of crayon collecting?  In the world of crayon collecting there are two main type of collectors, those that collect individual crayon colors and ones that collect all the crayon boxes out there.  I lean toward the second group of people, but specialize in the specialty crayon boxes, because I would not have space to collect them all nor the money.

With the introduction of the Crayola My Way boxes, there are over 60 new box types.  I would love to have all the 8 count boxes and maybe the 64 count box types, but I definitely do not have the room or the money.   What will most collectors do?  Order them all or order one box? There are unique style numbers and code numbers on the boxes.  I will be happy with this for now, until I become a millionaire and can buy all the boxes I want to buy and have a museum to store them in.

Another important question for collectors is how long are they going to be around?  I would guess they would be around for a while, a least a few years, depending on how they do.  They could stay around for years or years, or they could disappear in a few years.  My guess they will stick around if it does will, which is probably will and they will release different themes on the boxes, and retire others. Who knows?

It is interesting to note that there is not a date on the 8 count box.  I have not seen a crayon box without a date in years.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 count Crayola My Way personalized box, 64 count Crayola My Way personalized box
Year: 2015
Other Boxes: there are other themes on the boxes
What's inside the box: 
8 count box: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black
Purchase Information:
Where to buy:
Style Numbers: 52-1008 (8 count box), 52-9164 (64 count box)
Code Numbers: 52-1008-0-200 (8 count box), 52-9164-0-000 (64 count box)

2015 Crayola My Way 8 Count Box, For Fun Theme

2015 Crayola My Way 64 Count Box, Happy Birthday Theme

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