Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap and Crayola Body Wash Pens: Colors

I saw the Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap and the Crayola Body Wash Pens in the Target Dollar Spot and bought them all.  I have a few more I need to take pictures of.  Would I recommend these items?  No.  I read a few reviews and read the back of the bottle.  It can actually stain towels and bathtubs.  I actually took back the bubbles because I could tell they would stain clothes and were pricey.  Crayola outsources many of the non coloring items.  Some are great and some need a little more work and this product could be great if it was washable. I do love the design of the bottles.

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soaps 3 fl oz (88mL), Crayola Body Wash Pens 1.9 fl oz (55mL)
Year: 2015
Other: Soap-Bubble Gum Blue, Laser Lemon Yellow, other colors for Body Wash Pens coming soon
What's inside the box: Fingerpaint Soap: Electric Lime Green, Robin's Egg Blue, Vivid Violet, Razzmatazz Pink, Radical Red Raspberry, Body Wash Pen: razzmatazz berry, cheerful cherry, galloping grape, bouncin' blueberry, granny smith apple
Purchase Information: Target Dollar Spot
Where to buy: Walmart, Amazon (Fingerpaint Soap), eBay (Fingerpaint Soap), Amazon (Body Pens), eBay (Body Pens)
Part Numbers: CRY10129 (Electric Lime Green), CRY10113 (Robin's Egg Blue), CRY10132 (Vivid Violet), CRY10130 (Razzmatazz Pink), CRY10129 (Radical Red Raspberry), Part Numbers for Body Wash Pens coming soon
Manufacturer: MZB Accessories
UPC Numbers: 692237086850 (Electric Lime Green), 692237085891 (Robin's Egg Blue), 692237086867 (Vivid Violet), 692237086843 (Razzmatazz Pink), 692237086836 (Radical Red Raspberry), Part Numbers for Body Wash Pens coming soon

2015 Body Wash Pens

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