Crayola magnet-mates

I found these Crayola magnet-mates at the Crayola Store in Kansas City. They were made in 2011.  I love magnets and Crayola, so it is a perfect combination.  We have not taken them out of the packaging yet, I do not know if I will be cause the packaging would be destroyed.  They are made by Evriholder, which also makes Crayola cups, plates, bowls and snack packs, which I also have.

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: Crayola magnet-mates
Year: 2011
Other: none known
What's inside the box: 3 magnet-mates, red, purple, lime green, blue, red, and yellow
Purchase Information: Crayola Store
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Part Numbers: 80048
Manufacturer: Evriholder Products,
UPC Numbers: 017145800488

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