10 Count Crayola Color Wonder Markers: What's Inside the Box

We love Crayola Color Wonder at my house.  We have the Planes, Cinderella, and a Mess Free coloring pages coloring books. I also just got some Crayola Color Wonder On the Go to review which I will be posting about in a few days. Color Wonder Mini Markers are markers that only color on color wonder paper.  They react with the paper to produce a color, but only with this paper.  The markers do no make a mess on anything else.  Earlier today my son was coloring with them and had the coloring book over his blanket. All of the sudden he said, "I got some marker on my blanket".  I told him that the color does color on his blanket.  He seemed to believe me after a while.  I think these will be a staple at our house for a while.

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How does it work?

The marker contains a color precursor, leuco dye instead of the normal dye found in markers that reacts chemically with a paper that has been treated with a coating of "at least one color triggering developer" to form a chromophore or a color on the paper.  That is why it does not color on anything else.  I also found out that this technology can be included in other writing instruments "a marker, a pencil, a crayon, or the like, or even paint."  I would love to see this with crayons. [Patent 3124377]

Collecting Information
Boxes: 10 Crayola Color Wonder Markers
Other boxes: There are 3 other boxes this is -303 code number
Year: 2013
What's inside the box: colors are not named
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, any place that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 75-2211
Code Numbers: 75-2211-0-303
UPC Numbers: 071662022112
Manufacturing Location: China
Patent: US Patent 6124377 Marking system

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