64 Count Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Overview and Review
When I was little girl all I wanted was a 64 pack of crayons. I ABSOLUTELY loved the color variety and the smell of the crayons. It was the biggest box available then. Even though there are larger sizes of boxes available now, the 64 count box is still a great box to get. There is enough color variation in the box to provide lots of different shades. What is even better is the box is a lot cheaper now then it was back then because there are so many larger boxes available. My daughter has had two of these boxes, this standard 64 count box and the Star Wars box of crayons. I highly recommend the 64 count box of crayons.

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Color Information
What's inside the box: 
forest green, granny smith apple, olive green, spring green, green yellow, yellow, goldenrod, dandelion, apricot, peach, yellow orange, orange, red orange, scarlet, melon, brick red, red, violet red, wild strawberry, magenta, red violet, salmon, tickle me pink, carnation pink, mauvelous, lavender, orchid, plum, violet (purple), wisteria, purple mountains' majesty, white, silver, timberwolf, gray, black, gold, macaroni and cheese, tan, burnt orange, mahogany, bittersweet, chestnut, burnt sienna, brown, sepia, raw sienna, tumbleweed, blue violet, indigo, blue, cerulean, cornflower, pacific blue, cadet blue, blue green, periwinkle, sky blue, turquoise blue, robin's egg blue, asparagus, green, sea green
Where to buy: Amazon (64 crayons), eBay (64 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products, prices may differ
Collecting Information 
The 64 crayon box has not changed much since it was introduced in 1958. It is the same shape, with the colors on two levels in the box. There is a pencil sharpener on the back of the box like there was in 1958. The colors inside the box and design of the box has changed.Boxes: 64 Crayola Crayons
Year: 2014
Purchase Information: Target in 2015
Style Number: 64 Crayon Colors (52-0064)
Code Number: 64 Crayon Colors (52-0064-0-231)
UPC: 071662000646 (64 crayons)
Manufacturing Location: USA

2014 64 Crayon Colors


  1. Replies
    1. brick red is between melon and red :)

  2. yellow green is missing, it should go between granny smith apple and olive green

    also, dandelion is unfortunately no more - bluetiful (the replacement) goes between indigo and blue

    1. I have dandelion in my box.

  3. dandelion is in older boxes (from before 2017 i believe?) but it currently isn't being manufactured

  4. what is the color called when you mealt a pack of 64 crayons together