List of Current Crayola Marker Colors

Do you want to know all the current Crayola marker colors? Here is the list for you! I have listed all the 64 Pip-Squeak Skinnies, 50 SuperTips and broad line marker colors available. I have included the Hex and RBG values. I hope you enjoy the list!

Click here to get the swatch charts for all the Crayola markers.

Crayola Colors-Pip-Squeak Skinnies
This is the first time the Pip-Squeak Skinnies colors are in one chart online! I found all the colors myself by coloring with them on a sheet of paper. The colors will be lighter or darker depending on the amount of pressure used or how layers of color.
The colors in the box are:
  • Asparagus, Awesome, Bear Hug, Blue Eyes, Blue Marble, Blue Moon, Blue Sky, Burnt Sienna, Cadet Blue, Cheddar Chip, Cherry Tomato, Chicken Little Blue, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Stick, Coral, Cranberry Crush, Dark Sea Green, Four Leaf Clover, Fun in the Sun, Garden Green, Grape Jam, Grasshopper Green, Green, Green Sprout, Green Yellow, Honey Droplet, Inchworm Green, Kitten Gray, Lightning Bug, Little Boy Blue, Mad Magenta, Mandarin Orange, Medium Gray, Melon, Mermaid Tail, Midnight Blue, Mini Magenta, Navy Niblet, Orchid Petals, Peach, Petal Pink, Petite Rose, Pinky Pink, Pint Size Purple, Popsicle Pink, Raw Sienna, Sassy Salmon, Sea Bubbles, Sepia, Small Fry Yellow, Small Potatoes, Star Specks, Strawberry Red, Sugar Cube, Sunny Side Up, Sweet Pea Green, Timberwolf, Tiny Toad Brown, Tip Toe Teal, Tomato Soup, Toy Boodle, Turtle Green, Twist O' Lime, Violet Petals
These are the colors in the 50 SuperTips markers. I found them by looking at the back of the box. The colors on the back are not 100% accurate, but are close. This drove my husband crazy the other day when he was coloring with them. He was also frustrated the colors were not like the colors on the tips.

The colors are:
  • Maroon, Red, Lobster Red, Bright Orange, Orange, Sun Yellow, Mango, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Grass Green, Lawn Green, Olive, Pea Green, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Sage, Bright Green, Pale Green, Turquoise, Light Turquoise, Turquoise Surf, Pastel Blue, Sky Blue, Gray Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Lavender, Lilac, Geranium, Magenta, Raspberry, Carnation, Pastel Pink, Pale Pink, Coral Pink, Salmon, Light Peach, Tan, Light Brown, Burnt Brown, Brown, Cocoa Brown, Gray, Medium Gray, Black

The colors are:
  • I received this list of color names from Crayola, black, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, geranium, cyclamen, light blue, grey, turquoise, grass green, hazelnut, flesh, violet, lobster red, sun yellow, T.D.M. brown, olive green, lilac, rose/peach, sky blue, blood red, dark green, lavender, burnt brown, grey blue, light brown, bright green, amaranth, sage green, lemon yellow, magenta, manganese blue, standa blue, dark grey, pale pink, ivory, bright yellow, olive gold, ochre, rose wood, gold, olive brown, ochre gold, aqua green, pea green, lawn green, oriental green, mint green, leaf green, seaweed green, pastel green, pale green, ming green, bean green, jade green, deep green, grey green, laurel green, fluorescent green, bright orange, cherry red, salmon, brick red, pastel pink, coral pink, dark cyclamen, lilac violet, light violet, mead violet, intermediate violet, orchid violet, bright purple, prussian blue, light sky blue, light blue grey, manganese light blue, pastel light blue, light turquoise, old blue, oriental blue, steel blue, navy blue, D.M. Blue, light grey, ash grey, silver grey, pearl grey, asphalt grey, medium grey, deep grey, sepia, dark brown, medium brown, silver, light green, dark blue, grape violet
Crayola Colors-Broad Line Markers
These are the colors in the various 8, 10, and 12 boxes of Crayola markers. The chart below shows which box it comes in. The assorted mostly feature colors from other boxes except Flamingo Pink, it is only in the Assorted 12 marker box. I have included each box below with all the color in each box.

Here are colors in the  Bold Crayola Markers box:
  • cooper, primrose, raspberry, pumpkin, golden yellow, azure, kiwi, emerald, teal, plum

Here are the colors in the Bright Color Crayola Markers box:
  • electric lime, laser lemon, orange circuit, hot pink, hot magenta, infra red, blue bolt, battery charged blue, graphic green, ultra violet

Here are the colors in the Classic Crayola Markers box:
  • gray, pink, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, violet (purple), brown

Here are the colors in the Multicultural Crayola Markers box:
  • golden beige, tan, mahogany, bronze, terra cotta, sienna, beige, tawny, sepia, apricot

Here are the colors in the Tropical Crayola Markers box:
  • tropical violet, parrot pink, coral reef, sandy tan, blue lagoon, turquoise surf, sea foam green, palm leaf, dolphin gray

Here are the colors in the Assorted Crayola Markers box:
  • battery charged blue, sea foam green, blue lagoon, electirc lime, hot pink, infra red, laser lemon, tropical violet, primrose, teal

Here are the colors in the Assorted 12 Crayola Markers box:
  • red, orange, sandy tan, yellow, green, blue lagoon, blue, violet (purple), dolphin gray, blac, and brown.

Crayola Hex And RGB Values for the Broad Line Markers
Here are all the Hex and RGB color values, and the box they come in for the broad line markers boxes with 8, 10 and 12 count markers.

Color Name Box Hex Code RGB Code
Apricot Multicultural FDD5B1 253,213,177
Azure Bold 1A4876 26,72,118
Battery Charged Blue      Bright, Assorted 10 1DACD6 29,172,214
Beige Multicultural EFDECD 239,222,205
Black Classic, Assorted 12 000000 0,0,0
Blue Bolt Bright 00B9FB 0,185,251
Blue Lagoon Tropical, Assorted 10, 12     4CB7A5 76,183,165
Blue Classic, Assorted 12 1F75FE 31,117,254
Bronze Multicultural D68A59 214,138,89
Brown Classic, Assorted 12 B4674D 180,103,77
Copper Bold DD9475 221,148,117
Coral Reef Tropical FD7C6E 253,124,110
Dolphin Gray Tropical, Assorted 12 828E84 130,142,132
Electric Lime Bright, Assorted 10 CCFF00 204,255,0
Emerald Bold 50C878 80,200,120
Flamingo Pink Assorted 12 F78FA7 247,143,167
Golden Beige Multicultural A7825D 167,130,93
Golden Yellow Bold FFB653 255,182,83
Graphic Green Bright 3D9979 61,153,121
Gray Classic 95918C 149,145,140
Green Classic, Assorted 12 1CAC78 28,172,120
Hot Magenta Bright FF1DCE          255,29,206
Hot Pink Bright, Assorted 10 FFBCD9 255,188,217
Infra Red Bright, Assorted 10 FF496C 255,73,108
Kiwi Bold 8EE53F 142,229,63
Laser Lemon Bright, Assorted 10 FFFF66 255,255,102
Mahogany Multicultural CD4A4C 205,74,76
Orange Circuit Bright FF6E4A 255,110,74
Orange Classic, Assorted 12 FF7538 255,117,56
Palm Leaf Tropical 6F9940 111,153,64
Parrot Pink Tropical D998A0 217,152,160
Pink Classic FFAACC 255,170,204
Plum Bold 8E4585 142,69,133
Primrose Bold, Assorted 10 DD4492 221,68,146
Pumpkin Bold FF7518 255,117,24
Raspberry Bold CA3767 202,55,103
Red Classic, Assorted 12 EE204D 238,32,77
Sandy Tan Tropical, Assorted 12 FDD9B5 253,217,181
Sea Foam Green Tropical, Assorted 10 9FE2BF 159,226,191
Sepia Multicultural 704214 112,66,20
Sienna Multicultural B05C52 176,92,82
Tan Multicultural FAA76C 250,167,108
Tawny Multicultural DEAA88 222,170,136
Teal Bold, Assorted 10 17857B 23,133,123
Terra Cotta Multicultural 9B7653 155,118,83
Tropical Violet Tropical, Assorted 10 CDA4DE 205,164,222
Turquoise Surf Tropical 00C5CD 0,197,205
Ultra Violet Bright 9D81BA 157,129,186
Violet (Purple) Classic, Assorted 12 926EAE 146,110,174
Wild Orchid Tropical E6A8D7 230,168,215
Yellow Classic, Assorted 12 FCE883 252,232,131

Crayola Hex And RGB Values for 64 Pip-Squeak Markers
Here are all the Hex and RGB color values for the Crayola Pip-Squeak markers.

Color Name Hex Code RGB Code
Asparagus 759C69 118, 140, 105
Awesome E68CB9 230, 140, 185
Bear Hug 6E665D 110, 102, 93
Blue Eyes 5D7ED6           93, 126, 214
Blue Marble 4A66C5 74, 102, 197
Blue Moon 72AEC3 114, 174, 195
Blue Sky 67A6C5 103, 166, 197
Burnt Sienna A45C3F 164, 92, 63
Cadet Blue 7A93AA 122, 147, 170
Cheddar Cheese FA9400 250, 148, 0
Cherry Tomato BA2710 186, 36, 16
Chicken Little Blue        5E82C4 94, 130, 196
Chocolate Chip 79402A 121, 64, 42
Cinnamon Stick 723E47 114, 62, 71
Coral DC814E 220, 129, 78
Cranberry Crush B85F91 184, 95, 145
Dark Sea Green 535f2D 83, 95, 45
Four Leaf Clover 78A569 120, 165, 105
Fun in the Sun E59C1B 229, 156, 27
Garden Green 519D3C 81, 157, 60
Grape Jam 8E5897 142, 88, 151
Grasshopper Green 868544 134, 133, 68
Green Sprout 5BA688 91, 166, 136
Green Yellow FFE84E 255, 232, 78
Green 499370 73, 147, 112
Honey Drops CE8E00 206, 142, 0
Inchworm Green 91A543 145, 165, 67
Kitten Gray 797C7f 121, 124, 127
Lightning Bolt DBDD6B 219, 221, 107
Little Boy Blue 4C69C4 76, 105, 196
Mad Magenta CE5EC9 206, 94, 201
Mandarin Orange FF7800 255, 120, 0
Medium Gray 898C94 137, 140, 148
Melon CE5155 206, 81, 85
Mermaid Tail 4B8D9C 75, 141, 156
Midnight Blue 2F388B 47, 56, 139
Mini Magenta BE49BC 190, 73, 188
Navy Niblet 3A5996 58, 89, 150
Orchid Petals 7F499F 127, 73, 159
Peach C6936B 198, 147, 107
Petal Pink B49EA9 210, 186, 201
Petite Rose 9C459E 156, 69, 158
Pinky Pink D9B6BA 217, 182, 186
Pint Size Purple 7865c2 120, 101, 194
Popsicle Pink CA88A3 202, 136, 163
Raw Sienna B87C4B 184, 124, 75
Sassy Salmon CA5374 202, 83, 116
Sea Bubbles 5888C8 88, 136, 200
Sepia 796552 121, 101, 82
Small Fry Yellow E1DE19 255, 222, 25
Small Potatoes A88C82 168, 140, 130
Star SpeCks aeb1bd 174, 177, 189
Strawberry Red D34944 211, 73, 68
Sugar Cube ACABAE 172, 171, 174
Sunny Side Up EFB422 239, 180, 34
Sweet Pea Green 8ABC2F 138, 188, 47
Timberwolf 9A9A9D 154, 154, 157
Tiny Toad Brown 966047 150, 96, 71
Tip Toe Teal 57929e 87, 154, 172
Tomato Soup ED582C 237, 88, 44
Toy Poodle 434352 67, 67, 82
Turtle Green 294233 41, 66, 51
Twist O' Lime 8EBF00 142, 191, 0
Violet Petals 6F659D 111, 101, 157
Crayola Hex And RGB Values for 50 SuperTips Markers
Here are all the Hex and RGB color values for the Crayola SuperTips markers.

Color Name Hex Code RGB Code
Black  403E3E 64,62,62
Blue 526EBC 82,110,188
Bright Green 73A956 115,169,86
Bright Orange CA5825 202,88,37
Brown A45C2B 164,92,43
Burnt Brown A85633 168,86,51
Carnation 5DAAC3 213,170,195
Cobalt Blue 6367B6 99,103,182
Cocoa Brown 643F2A 100,63,42
Coral Pink D09CA5 208,156,165
Dark Blue 435497 67,84,151
Dark Green 50705F 80,112,95
Geranium B6639D 182,99,157
Grass Green BBC237 187,194,55
Gray AFACA2 175,172,162
Gray Blue 8B9FB1 139,159,177
Green 487343 72,115,67
Lavender C0B5CD 192,181,205
Lawn Green A5A42A 165,164,42
Lemon Yellow E7CE39 231,206,57
Light Blue 83A0D0 131,160,208
Light Brown C2792B 194,121,43
Light Green 8DB33F 141,179,63
Light Peach DAAC99 218,172,153
Light Turquoise            7BABBE 123,171,190
Lilac CBA8C5 203,168,197
Lobster Red CC5A2E 204,90,46
Magenta C368A9 195,104,169
Mango DEAE3B 222,174,59
Medium Gray 8C8793 140,135,147
Navy Blue 464FAE 70,79,174
Olive 889635 136,150,53
Orange D2822B 210,130,43
Pale Green A9C6B4 169,198,180
Pale Pink D9C0C5 217,192,197
Pastel Blue BACDDF 186,205,223
Pastel Pink D8B9C3 216,185,195
Pea Green A4B83C 164,184,60
Raspberry CD6683 205,102,131
Red C54139 197,65,57
Sage 8B9E5F 139,158,95
Salmon CD8D7E 205,141,126
Sky Blue 9ABAE2 154,186,226
Sun Yellow DFA368 223,166,56
Tan CCBAA8             204,186,168
Turquoise 95BEBC 149,190,188
Turquoise Surf 8EBCCE 142,188,206
Violet 8B479B 139,71,155
Yellow E7D43F 231,212,63
Maroon AC4D5C 172,77,92


  1. Hi there, are you planning to do a chart on the 100-box of Crayola markers?

    1. I wish. It would be very tricky to do since they are not named on the marker.

    2. Are the 50 color sets labeled??

    3. They aren't but you can label them yourself. Match up the color with the color chart.

  2. I would also love to see a list for the 100 count box of the Crayola SuperTips. I love that you provided the names for the colors but without any kind of reference, it would be complete guess work as to which colors are which. A game I know I would most definitely lose!

    1. I wish. It would be very tricky to do since they are not named on the marker. I might be able to come up with some kind of labeling system.

  3. Hi, I'm an assistant to my godmother, who runs the Sunday school program at very multicultural church in Worcester, MA. The parish is the result of the combining of a white - Anglo parish and a Ghanaian immigrant parish. As such, the variety of skin tones is a rather important thing when it comes to projects that include people. It would be very helpful to know the color codes for the 100 SuperTip box we just bought because it has many more skin tones than the "multicultural" set.

    1. I wish. It would be very tricky to do since they are not named on the marker. Have you tried the multicultural markers?

  4. Hello, where do I find chart or list of 100 Washable Markers SuperTips with colour swatch?

  5. Thank you so much for these charts.

  6. Will you try to make a chart of the confetti,Pearl, neon and metallic crayon colors?