2019 Crayola Take Note! Review, Felt-Tip Pens, Permanent Markers, Erasable Highlighers, Gel Pens and Dry Erase Markers

What Is New For Crayola Take Note! This Year?
Crayola is expanding their Take Note! line this year. In 2019 they have introduced new Dry-Erase Markers (that actually erase), Felt-Tip Pens, and best of all Permanent Markers. My son would agree with me there. When I told him what they were as I was unboxing them he got a huge smile on his face. For some reason he does not like drawing with washable markers. But he loves his Sharpies and permanent markers.

I was so excited to receive these products from Crayola this year in exchange for a review. I have always loved using Crayola products for writing and now I will not be limited to only thin tip markers. 

I think these supplies will be a big hit with teachers. They love these kind of supplies especially the Dry-Erase markers and Felt-Tip Pens. The biggest complaint with the Crayola Dry-Erase markers in the past were they did not erase very well. Crayola changed the formula and these Dry-Erase markers erase super easy, finger easy. They also added a ink level indicator.

The Felt-Tip pens come in a 6 pack, the Permanent Markers come in a 8, 12 and 24 pack, the Erasable Highlighters come in a 6 pack, the Gel Pens come in a 6 and 14 pack, the Dry-Erase markers come in a 4 and 12 pack, and the Highlighter Pens come in a 6 pack.
What Did I think?
My favorite thing is the colors are all super vibrant. Does Crayola make anything not vibrant? My favorite supply is probably the felt tip markers. I love how thin the tip is and how easily it marks the paper. I like the gel pens too and have been using them since last year. I even ran my black pen dry. I keep them in a special place in a wide mouth jar in my closet because I use them every day.

I also think the different numbered packs are a great idea. For teachers or others that do not need a lot of different colors it is a great way to save some money. And for those that like lots of colors (me) there are larger packs.

Here is what I made colored with all these supplies.

I used the Dry-Erase markers to make this sign for my website. I like the vibrant colors. I noticed that some colors were more easy to lay down than others. The red, yellow, green and blue came out very easily and very saturated. The other colors did not as much. Maybe I need to use them more or shake them?

My kids decorated some dry-erase boards too. These markers would be ideal for beginning readers/learners to help with handwriting practice. They would also be great in a classroom setting.

I made this planner page with the highlighter pens, felt tip markers, and erasable highlighters. I wondered if the colors would look good together and they did. The felt tip markers produced a super thin line. 

The last thing we colored were pages from Crayola Escapes. I loved coloring with my daughter and my son. The ink dried super fast and was a different color then when it was laid down. I was happy no ink got on my hand and smeared the rest of the coloring page. 

I also made a video earlier this year comparing Crayola Permanent Markers to Sharpies. Guess who was the winner? Crayola by a thin margin. Watch the video to find out why.

What Would I Change?
I would increase the color selection for the felt tip markers. I think teachers will really like these pens. They rave about flair pens. But flair pens come in more colors. I think if these came in more colors they would fly off the shelves even faster. I was also super disappointed the color names were not on the marker. That is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I would love to see an orange dry-erase marker. I looked for one when I opened the package, but there was not one. There are 12 markers and 4 are duplicates. I would love to have an orange and a gray and two other unique colors in this package. I would also love to see a thin tip Dry-Erase marker.

I may have mentioned this in another post, but I wish this line had standard color names. I happen to like the standard color names because it tells me what to expect from the color. The color names are fun, but not needed because this product appeals to an older audience that do not needed the added "fun" factor.

All in all I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the expansion of the Take Note! line. I hope they expand it even more and I will be using them every day.

Box and Color Information
Here is the information for 12 Dry Erase Markers, 24 Permanent Markers, and 6 Felt Tip Markers. Click on the links below for the other supplies.

12 Permanent Markers, 4 Dry-Erase, 6 Highligher Pens
6 and 14 Gel Pens, 6 Erasable Highlighters

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