Crayola Bunny & Company Pastel Crayons

In 1990 Crayola released a Crayola Bunny & Company crayons with the help of Hallmark. Coincidentally Hallmark also released a matching ornament that year. The set includes; orchid, thistle, melon, peach, yellow, sea green, sky blue, and periwinkle. This set is very cute. The bunny was pulling an Easter basket with a fillable egg. I do not know why they did not sell them together. Now that I have this box I would love to have the ornament too.
Color Information
Boxes: Crayola Bunny & Company Pastel Crayons
What's inside the box: orchid, thistle, melon, peach, yellow, sea green, sky blue, periwinkle
Purchase Information: from fellow collector
Where to buy:  eBay

Collecting Information
Other boxes: None known
Year: 1990
Style Numbers: 52-008P
Code Numbers: 52-008P-0-250
UPC Numbers: 070000035784
Manufacturing Location: USA

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