How To Make Your Own Makeup with BeYouTology: Luxe Cosmetic Bar Review

The BeYouTology Luxe Cosmetic Bar is a stem inspired set for young girls to make their own make-up! It is made by Rose Art which has been acquired by Mattel. I was so excited to receive and try this toy in exchange for an honest review.
BeYouTology: What's In the Box?
The BeYouTology set comes with a cosmetic bar, 72 pigment pearls, lip gloss tube, 6 lip gloss contianers, compact case for eye shadow, 6 dropper wells for eye shadow, dropper bottle, make-up applicator, highlighter brush, crushing tool, missing bowl, spoon, spatula, 3 color mixing cards and instructions.
The pigment pearls are nice and vibrant colors.
BeYouTology: How Does It Work?
Before anything can be made the apparatus needs to be set up. The instructions were very clear. The pieces fit tightly together. The apparatus holds the pearls and drops them in the bowl? Is it necessary? No, but it makes the process really fun and gives a place to store the pigment pearls.
 The The pigment pearls can be used to make eye shadow, lip gloss and highlighter. The lip gloss is made by following a color recipe from the cards.
The beads are crushed. (Note this was a different color of lip gloss)
Clear lip gloss is then added to the mixture and the mixture is stirred It does not look like much when stirring, but it filled half a container. I would probably add a little more then the recommended amount next time.
To make eye shadow and highlighter the process is the same as the lip gloss for the beginning. Instead of lip gloss added to the mixture, isopropyl alcohol is added to a dropper and then added to the mixture. The eye shadow is added to a well and the instructions then say to let the mixture dry overnight before using.
BeYouTology:What Did We Do?
We made two lip glosses and 2 eye shadows. It was fairly easy to assemble and use. My daughter made another lip gloss the next day when she came home from school.
BeYouTology: What Did We Think?
The BeYouTology Luxe Cosmetic Bar is very fun and educational for the recommended age group. The concepts of color blending are taught using the different color beads and the color charts. It was interesting that the pigment pearls were used for all of the applications, but different liquid substances were added to the beads to make different make up products.

The lip gloss turned out okay. We were not able to squish the beads fine enough to create smooth lip gloss. I am sure if we spent more time we would have been able to make them finer. But it already took 5-10 minutes of stirring to get what we got.

The eye shadow and highlighter turned out really well. It was super easy to apply. My son did pick up the eye shadow well holder and dropped it and like regular eye shadow when dropped it broke into a million pieces, hence why we only have one eye shadow here when we made two. That is not the fault of the product, because it would also happen with regular eye shadow.

I would also use a max of four beads to make the eye shadow, the instructions said 6 could be used. The first one we made used 6 and the well got too full.

There is a lot of product to make a fair amount of make up products. I looked online to see if there are refill packs, but unfortunately at this time there are not refills available. I hope in time there will be.

All in all this was a very fun product for my daughter to use. I liked how kids can learn the science behind making make-up. My daughter loved making her own makeup. I would even use it to make eye shadow because I always run out of light eye shadow. I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the back of the box for more information.

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