This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Toy Fair 2020 in New York City. Last year was my first time going. I saw maybe 6 companies. This year I saw around 40 including; Lego, Spin master, Moose, Mattel, Crayola, Basic Fun!, Jazwares, Bandai, Razor and many more! Last year I did a walk-through YouTube video and and blog post of Crayola's booth. This year I decided to make a BEST OF TOY FAIR list because I was there so much longer. I am also going to make a BEST OF TOY FAIR 2020 YouTube Video, Day 1 walkthroughs, and Day 2 walkthroughs Toy Fair on YouTube.

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Now that you've read all that, are you ready for the best toys? I will include the ones I thought were the best and some honorable mentions at the end. I will update this post with links to buy the products on Amazon when the products become available. Some are not out yet. Make sure to check out the YouTube video too, because some of the toys are better in action. I bet all these toys will be a hit at Christmas!

Flying Toothless by Spin Master-Available Now!
He flies for reals need I say more?
DOTS by LEGO-Get these now on Amazon
Can I saw how EXCITED I am for LEGO to 1 enter the craft market and 2 make an open ended by not licensed super expensive that all the collectors want and drive up the prices toy? Now please do this for boys too. :) I know they have the Classic sets, but I would love some open ended innovative toys in that direction. LEGO Pictures courtesy of LEGO. 
Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers-Available Now
Fairies that fly? What little girl would not want this toy? I want this toy.
Paper Flower Science Kit by Crayola-Available Now
See the white flowers in the center? That is how the experiment starts. Dye and water is put in the bottom of the jar and the flower wicks up the dye and makes a super pretty flower.
MX125 Razor, available at
An electric scooter for kids? As soon as I show this to my 7 year old, you can guess I will non stop hear he wants this.
Techno Gears by Learning Journey-Available on Amazon
I build it, I mean the child builds it and then they operate it. The cars and robot will drive on the ground!
Moji by Sky Rocket Available 2021
First off the dog is super cute. I would just get it to hold it. But this dog can be trained and obeys commands. It is to die for!
blockaroo by blue marble-available now! on Amazon
Invented by a dad this block works by magnetic attraction (safe for kiddos). They can be used in the bathtub and to make small to super large creations.
Paper Maker by Crayola-Available Now
I used to make my own paper as a child. When I saw this I INSTANTLY connected to it.
3Doodler create+ and Start-Available now on Amazon
See that grabber on the side. It was made from common household goods and the 3Doodler. This is the ultimate stem kit for a child. The possibilities are endless. I reviewed the start last year.
Botzees-Available now on Amazon!
First the child picks a robot to build. Then they can program it to do all sorts of different commands, spin, move forward backwards etc...Great stem activity and early programming for kids!

Disney-Pixar Remix by Mattel-Available Now on Amazon
I love figurines because they encourage free play no matter what. But these alien creature take it up a notch. Each alien is themed after another Pixar character not in Toy Story.
Squeakee by Moose Toys-Available Now
I was BLOWN away by Moose's booth. They have come out with some super innovative toys this year. I wanted to get one of each for my kids. This one was super cute. It is a balloon dog that will obey commands and will not pop. Super cute.
Plum by B4 Adventure
This play set is not in the US yet, but it is coming soon! It is pricier, but most outdoor toys are. My kids would be in love with the tepee, the gold mining center and the kitchen. I love outdoor play.

Baby Yoda...ahem I mean Child Yoda by Mattel
8 inch on Amazon
I was corrected many times as I am sure many people were. What is his name? What is he doing? Does he have the force? Yes I've watched the Mandalorian series and love it. I can not wait for the next series.

I was so excited to spot "child" Yoda at Mattel. I was in a mad search for him. From Mattel he comes in plush and plastic. Sadly he does not come with his carrier.
Child Yoda by Funko-Available now on Amazon
He comes in 3 forms from Funko, two are pictured here. They come out in April. Make sure to preorder or stand in line at the store. He will go fast.
LEGO® Star Wars™ The Razor Crest-Available for preorder-launch 9/1-$129.99
This is the ultimate Lego set! So much pretend play can happen with this set if children can snag their hands on it before collectors do.

Doodlematic by Mobile Game Maker-Available now on Amazon
Not that I want more screen time, but programming is an ESSENTIAL skill. And half of this game is drawing...STEAM! This app works by drawing with the markers on any surface and creating a video game by taking a picture while in the app. The possibilities are endless for game creation!
This is a 3D checkers like game, but also a construction game. It is super innovative and different which is why it made the list!
Crash Circuit by Far Out Toys-Amazon
The toy works by charging the cars and with the chargers. The child holds it in the charger for a few seconds. Then it goes racing around the track. They have a bigger version, but I like this version because it is smaller, who needs more big toys taking up space in the house? And the kids get the same satisfaction of the cars going around in circles. When they crash they come apart and need to be reconstructed. This game teaches kids how to build and how to supply their cars with power and is super fun at the same time!
Slinky Science by Alex Brands
Taking a beloved toy and adding science to it? I love it! It even makes a cool noise when the slinky is dropped.
OH! MY GIF by Moose Toys-Available now on Amazon
From the creators of Shopkins comes GIF. This is super smart of the brand, many of the kids that loved Shopkins will love OH! MY GIF because they are starting to become Tweens (my daughter included)
Catan Starfarers by Asmodee-Available now on Amazon
I have loved Catan forever and have friends that have loved it forever. A new version set in space. Yes please.

Kindi Kids by Moose-Available Now
Isn't this doll seriously the cutest? I bet lots of little girls will agree.

Edushape Bath Toy
I can see hours and hours of bath time fun with this one.
Honorable Mentions

Shopkins Real Littles by Moose-Available now on Amazon
This one should be in the above section. It is so classic. I do not know if it will be as popular as the GIF one with little girls though. That's why I picked the other one. Time will tell. But I LOVE it.
Trolls sets by LEGO
World Tour Pop Up Villiage 41255-Available now on Amazon
World Tour Techno Volcano Rock City 41254-Available now on Amazon
Can I saw how excited I am for the new soundtrack? We get a song this week!
Spirograph Junior by Kahootz-Available now on Amazon
There is nothing that compares to the original Spirograph. I love this one made for small artists.

Boxy Babies by Jay at Play-Available now on Amazon
A box that turns into a high chair with a cute baby? Yes please!

Pop! The Mandalorian on Blurrg by Funko-Available now on Amazon
This is super cute and the only Blurrg I saw at the fair.
Tesla Cybertruck from Mattel
This truck from the Hot Wheels line is in the honorable mention category because it is already sold out! The $400 dollar version 1:10 version is. I did not realize the 1:64 was not sold out. Preorders are still happening and it is only $20! 
Netflix Stranger Things bikes from Schwinn-Available now on Amazon
This would have made it to the best of category, but they are collector bikes only...they sell out fast and only one is available right now.
Well that is it. What did you think? What is your favorite toy? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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