How to Make Erasers: Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker Review

I was able to visit the BANDAI booth at Toy Fair and saw some pretty cool toys. One of the coolest toys I saw was Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker: Fruits. Basically kids can use patterns with the Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker to make their own erasers. It is a great STEAM activity. Kids can follow patterns or make their own erasers. They have to use heat to make the eraser pixels stick to one another.

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Pretty Pixels: What's In the Box?
The box contains; 1 eraser maker, the pink device shown on the box, a pair of tweezers, 3 heart spacers, 6 design sheets, 1 black design sheet, and enough materials for all the included designs. The designs include 4 large erasers and 6 small erasers. The materials include: 6 eraser colors (8 strips of red, 3 strips of yellow, 2 strips of light blue, 5 strips of leaf green, 5 strips of orange, and 2 stripes of white, and 40 spacers.

Pretty Pixels: How Does It Work?
The back of the box does an excellent job explaining the process. The first step is to choose a design, then build the eraser with on the card, wet eraser and close, microwave the eraser, and then cool the eraser. Large erasers or small erasers can be made. The small erasers use the x and heart spacers.

Here is how we made our eraser with some tips we learned along the way. We first found and counted all the materials we needed for the eraser. Each card contains how many eraser pixels are needed to make the eraser.

My daughter started making the eraser on a flat surface, she found the materials would fall down as she went and became frustrated. She also did not use the tweezers included because she found it harder to put the eraser material in.

She switched to holding it upright and it went much quicker.             
Here is her first eraser. The clear spacers in the picture will not bond with the eraser material making non square objects possible.

We put in the pink bracket to make sure there was enough spacer and material in the eraser maker. My son made his own design later and we found he needed to add another row. Without all the spacer and material in the maker the eraser maker will not be able to get the material close enough together to bond the pixels.

We put 1 tsp on water on the eraser maker. We put a little more without any problems. Then we close the eraser maker and microwaved it for 90 seconds. It is and should be a little hard to close to make sure the pixels gets close enough to one another.

We cooled the eraser maker for 10 minutes.

We opened the eraser maker and the eraser was done! One of the erasers we left in the water for a little longer and it was a little harder to take out. I do not know if it froze to the maker. Make sure not to leave it in too long.

Here are the completed erasers. We made many more too. Both my son and daughter enjoyed this activity. My son even made his own pattern.

Pretty Pixels: What Did We Think?
We loved the Pretty Pixel eraser maker. Both my son and daughter were able to make the erasers. I explained to them the science behind why the pixels stuck to one another. When the pixels were heated to a certain temperature they bonded with one another. The spacers did not bond because they were not made of the same material. We had to cool the eraser afterwards to complete the bonding process.

I was also impressed the eraser pixels did not separate. Sometimes beaded or pixel projects do that. Overall I would highly recommend the Pretty Pixel eraser maker. Find it here on Amazon.

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