Crayola Globbles

Crayola came out with Cryaola Globbles in 2018. People can "stick 'me, squish 'em, and strech 'em". Globbles are "So Sticky! Not Messy!". The back of the pack says, "satisfyingly squeezable orbs you can stack, squish, sling and more! Globbles cling to most flat surfaces, but leave no sticky residue." To get the stickiness back they can be washed "with soap and water". Crayola sent these to me. I was so excited to get them. I am excited they leave no residue, because my kids have thrown many things like this at the ceiling and those leave marks. And ceiling marks are super hard to clean.

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Boxes: Crayola Globbles
What's inside the box: 
One pack has purple blue and orange. The other pack has pink, green, and yellow.
Purchase Information: received from Crayola
Other Boxes: There are other sizes. There is a pack of 6 and 16 available.
Year: 2018
Style Numbers: 74-7291
Code Numbers: 74-7291-0-300
UPC Numbers: 071662072919
Manufacturing Location: China
Where to buy: or Amazon

It is interesting that Crayola makes this product themselves from the code and style numbers. Usually for products like this they would outsource and license the product.

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