Upcycle Kids School Supplies with Crayola Pearlescent Paint Markers

Does anyone ever do something and then decide later it can look even better? That is what I decided with this little tray here. I picked up the from the Target dollar spot for my kids play room. At first I had Pens/Pencils/Unsharpened written on labels. Well my kids ended up putting paint brushes and Scissors in it instead. I decided to change it to what they were using it for. It looks so much cuter.

To do this project I grabbed a Crayola Pearlescent Paint Marker. I decided to go with black because it showed up really well. I thought about painting it, but Paint Markers can write on wood and I would not have to make a stencil. I wrote out the contents of each container. And made the lettering look cute with a border around it. I would recommend waiting for the paint to dry before touching the wood. I did not, but it is going in a kids room.  It was a super easy project, but will make the playroom look that much better.

This is the before.

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